This is a really expensive American Airlines award ticket error

Andrea Hotaling blames an AAdvantage award ticket error for preventing her from flying to Italy as she’d planned. And now she wants a refund for a nonrefundable American Airlines ticket refunded.

Why can’t I get a refund for my involuntary downgrade?

Leah and John Tall book code-shared business class flights on British Airways. But their itinerary doesn’t provide the minimum connection time required during their return trip. They find themselves seated in economy class, and the airlines involved won’t refund their involuntary downgrade. Can our advocate help the Talls get their money back?

His American Airlines refund request is guaranteed to fail

Our advocates would normally be happy to try to help someone like Charles Kampinski. But then we saw the specifics of his American Airlines refund request. And we concluded that any attempt at advocacy — whether ours or his — for the costs he wants refunded has no chance of getting off the ground.

She got a great Ticketmaster deal — for the wrong date

Susan Brett and her friend feel like they’ve swallowed a bottle of Felix Felicis (liquid luck). They’ve scored a Ticketmaster deal for hard-to-get tickets for “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” for their upcoming visit to New York. But when they look at their email confirmation from Ticketmaster, they feel like they’ve been kissed by dementors. The Ticketmaster confirmation shows the wrong date — a time when they would not be in New York.

I planned to take a Princess Cruise, not a public bus

Jane Schwalm and her husband had intended to sail from Valparaiso, Chile, to Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Princess Cruises’ Emerald Princess. Then Princess changed ports, forcing the passengers to travel to San Antonio, Chile, to board the ship. The Schwalms needed transportation to San Antonio – and Princess wouldn’t provide it.

This is how to miss your Carnival cruise and lose your money too

If you miss your Carnival cruise but have no trip insurance in place, you may be out of luck.

After unexpected knee surgery, Alijahnea Cooley and her mother missed their Carnival cruise to the Bahamas. Although Cooley neglected to insure this “dream” vacation, she wants our advocacy team to help retrieve her lost money. Is that possible?

The Queen of Cleaning just made a big mess with this deal

Pat Bowes uses Angie’s List to purchase eight hours of housekeeping at a discounted rate. But her housekeeper marks the not-yet-used deal “used” without doing any work for Bowes. Can our advocates clean up this messy situation and secure a refund for Bowes?

Hey Tripmasters, could you please talk to me?

Jocelyn Wong-Rolle’s husband’s name is misspelled on his air ticket, purchased through Tripmasters. “We’re working on it” is the only response Wong-Rolle receives to a name change request. Since Tripmasters won’t talk to Wong-Rolle, will it talk to our advocates and do the name change?

Cox Communications promised a $700 reward. So where is it?

Claudia and Craig Meisner order Cox Communications services online. At that time, Cox Communications promises the Meisners bonus services worth $700 on prepaid cards. But Cox only provides cards worth $400. What has caused this failure to communicate? And can our advocates get Cox to honor its promise to the Meisners?

“I should know better” — stung by Travelocity’s fine print

Sometimes even our own advocates fall afoul of fine print. Andy Smith, our chief copy editor, found himself in this trap during a recent trip to Costa Rica. Smith admits that he should have taken the advice we offer other readers of this site. Had he done so, he would have read Travelocity’s fine print — and he wouldn’t be out $126.

After a big flight delay, Airbnb help is no help at all

Ling Hsu had hoped for a pleasant vacation. She and some friends booked a stay through Airbnb in Valencia, Spain, for four nights, including cleaning and service fees. But when they faced a flight delay, they couldn’t reach their host upon arrival. Ling and her companions booked themselves into a hotel for two nights. Then they heard from the host – too late to cancel their hotel stay. And when Ling needed Airbnb help to get a partial refund, Airbnb let her down.

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