2022 underwriters

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Note: Because we’re a virtual organization, we can’t accept paper checks.

Here’s a list of our 2022 underwriters. Thank you for your support!

The following individuals have distinguished themselves as supporters of quality online journalism by underwriting this site.


Inner Circle members are charter supporters who pledge between $500 and $1,500 per year, either as a one-time donation or on a monthly basis.

Advocate (over $1,500)

Curator ($750 to $1,490)

Supporter ($500 to $740)

Suzanne de Treville


Underwriters are key supporters who make one or more contributions to the advocacy cause during our semi-annual fundraisers. Underwriters are eligible for premium giveaways and receive a special, underwriters-only newsletter.

Patron (over $149)

Chris Brown
John deCastro
Hamptons Boat Rental
Ian Jarvis
Chris Lightbound
Kenneth Queen
Sruthi Samraj
Stephanus Surjaputra
Stuart Weiser

Benefactor ($75 to $149)

⭒ Shannon Bishop
Cynthia Donahue
Stephen Gross
Marcus Hall
Jina Lee
Norman Pieters
Ned Powers
Kacey Tran

Associate ($74 and under)

Alberto Martinez-Arizala
Jamie Beckett
Howard Berlin
Safwat Bishara
Joe Chapa
Jon Courtway
Timothy Chey
Penny Corbin
Lisa Kramer-Cruz
Samantha Demopoulos
Marnie Elder
Enercure Health Solutions
Marlen Garcia
Bridgett Jackson-Goode
Mark Hurwitz
Kim Josund
Benn Karne
Mian Khalid
Karen Jacobs
Andrew John
Robert Lebreax
Dianne Lerner
Marcel Lewinski
Jim LoScalzo
Krisha McCurry
Ruthanne Miller
Harvey Minnigh
Marilyn Nenninger
PayPal Giving Fund
Richard Rodgers
David Spotts
Anne Stagg
Richard Stravinsky
Sonia Vining
Eric Weinstein
Robert Wysocki

⭒ multiple donations during a year.
• supporter during spring fundraiser.
★ supporter during holiday fundraiser.

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