Would you wear one of these wristbands?

By | November 25th, 2012

Smile! These wristbands at the Clinique counter at Macy’s promise that an associate will be able to “read your mind” — green for “I have time,” pink for “I’m just looking” and white for “I’m in a hurry.”

Would you wear a wristband if it could lead to better service? I asked the woman at the counter if customers were using the “smile” wristbands.

“Mostly younger people,” she told me. “And they like the white ones.”

I’m intrigued by this idea. What if you could let your cable company, hotel or car dealership know your intentions before you made a purchase?

Even though it was a Black Friday mob scene in suburban Orlando, the woman at the Clinique counter offered my three kids the wristbands. “Take as many as you like,” she said with a smile.

They took one of each and wore them at the same time. Now that’s confusing.

Would you wear one of these wristbands?

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  • Kelly OConnor

    Seems like overkill for the Clinique counter. On the other hand, if they had wristbands or buttons that said either “I’m browsing, please leave me alone” or “Help, please!” that one could pick up and use in the whole store, I’d be all over that. (I actually often wish that chain-level restaurants would have flags at the table offering the same basic choice, either “we’re good” or “please check on us!”)

  • Charles B

    Which color is for “I’m just cutting through your department looking for the restroom?”

  • That’s the red one. They had just run out of those.

  • Michele Wallukait Rajput

    I don’t like them because I don’t believe the person in a hurry should take priority over someone who arrived earlier and needs more help.

    My daughters would also want one of each!

  • Tracy

    Whatever happened to the “take a number and wait” system? I don’t see how this system could work – what would happen if there were twenty people who took a white band and one person who took a green and only two consultants working? The poor person with the green band would probably have to wait for everyone to get their service first (since they are in a rush and most likely at least half of them would have “just one more quick question” that takes ten minutes to answer). I see this as a good way to lose customers.

  • TonyA_says

    I took my son to Cabela’s yesterday. Wish they had these bands near the ammo section :-)

  • Helio

    In Brazil, several barbecue restaurants (the ones where the attendends walk around the tables with the meat cuts) give for everyone in the table a chip with one side green (please, more food), and the other side red (no more food, thanks). You change the side according to your hungry, or if your dish is full, and you want to eat in peace, with no one offering more food to you.

    It works fine ;-)

  • I like that idea.

  • TonyA_says

    So that is where the Braseiros here in NYC got the idea. EXCELLENT FOOD!

  • Which color is: I’m only here for the free samples, so I’m going to pretend like I might actually buy something when all I’m doing is wasting your time… (I used to work at Neiman’s a LONG LONG time ago for one holiday season. My only foray into retail…)

  • Good one. Or: Spritz me and die…

  • Jeff Green

    We had the exact same thing here in suburban DC – Green Field Churrascaria.

    The green side of the wooden block for the waiter to stop by and give you more food, the red side and he would bypass until you turned it back to green. Unfortunately, the restaurant closed. Was very sorry to see it go.

  • LadySiren

    I actually love this idea. It would save both the sales staff and me a whole lot of time and hassle.

  • wageslave

    I like this idea a lot since most of the time I’m a pink band type, and just want to stroll through the sales floor in peace looking for clearance without assistance. This isn’t going to work very well, unfortunately if 90% of people take the white bands. I think it would be kind of cool to have them at the entrance of every department stores, and if you could keep them to re-use later.

  • KarlaKatz

    How absurd! If I’m next for service, I expect to be next.

  • KarlaKatz

    Amen, sister!

  • Lindabator

    Especially the pink if I want to be left alone to just browse – then they could offer their services to those more in need.

  • Lindabator

    Bubba Gump’s has – run forest or stop forest lets the server know if you need something they didn’t think of!

  • KarlaKatz

    Can you imagine if the airlines adopted this?

    Green: I’m “Mr/Ms. Big”, me first; Yellow: I have to pee, me first; Red: My spouse thinks we’re important, and we’ve 13 bags to stow, us first; Beige: “I didn’t know about this system, so I’ll wait my turn”

  • Daniel Weaver

    In Korea restaurants generally leave you totally alone until something is requested. You wave your hand when something is needed and call out to get attention, “over here please” (translation)… Seems to work pretty well. Korean restaurants in the USA tend to stick to a more American serving style though.

  • GeoffDepew

    I want the black one that means ‘I am moving through the department on my way to somewhere else; spritz me with anything and I will pour it on you and set you on fire’.

  • Philip Brown

    I like the idea; as the former owner of a marketing company – I embrace new ways for the consumer to interact with a business.
    PS – what is the “color” for Travelocity & Spirit Air – just TELL ME THE TRUTH about the # of checked bags I can take on the Lima, Peru flight; I would have never guessed the answer is only ONE!!! Waiting for a refund since April 2012.

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