TAR Airlines canceled the flight and our refund is MIA

TAR Airlines canceled Lisa Fitzhugh’s flight between Merida and Oaxaca, Mexico. It promised her a flight refund, plus 25 percent for the inconvenience, but never delivered. Can we help her learn what happened to her refund?


My boyfriend and I bought two round-trip tickets from TAR Airlines in November. TAR Airlines canceled one of our flights — the flight from Mérida, Mexico, to Oaxaca, Mexico. We will still be flying to Mérida from Oaxaca with TAR.

We tried to get $300 back for the canceled ticket, and TAR said it would reimburse the canceled flight cost, plus 25 percent for the inconvenience. My boyfriend spent several hours on the phone with no result. He called at least seven times, but we have received no refund. It has been two months since the cancellation.

We want our refund for the canceled flight, as TAR promised, before we leave on our trip. Can you help us? — Lisa Fitzhugh, Montreal


When an airline cancels a flight and promises you a flight refund, you understandably expect to receive a refund. In this case, nothing arrived, so you contacted TAR Airlines multiple times by phone and email.

Still no flight refund.

While you encountered a problem with TAR’s slowness in processing her refund, we weren’t worried when we heard her case. Several TAR cases brought to us recently have all resolved quickly and easily, including this one advocated by our own Christopher Elliott.

We’ve never received a research request for the TAR Airlines executives, so we don’t list its contact information on our site. It is a regional Mexican airline about which we receive few complaints, but you can email the airline at comentarios@tarmexico.com. Its website is Spanish only, but if you don’t speak Spanish, you can select the option for your web browser to translate the page.

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Will she ever get the refund for this TAR Airlines canceled flight?

You reached out to us for help, and our executive director, Michelle Friedman, took your case. After entering your record locator into the Spanish-language-only TAR website she received a notice that your reservation could not be viewed on the website. The airline directed her to a phone number to call for more information.

Friedman asked if you had called that number. You replied that your boyfriend had, but you tried the number and selected the option to speak to someone in English. A representative answered quickly and told you that the airline had just issued the $300 flight refund. He also said the additional 25 percent bonus for the cancellation is issued separately and will be sent soon.

We’re glad that TAR Airlines continues to resolve cases of missing flight refunds quickly. But if you have a problem again, we’re here to help.

Michelle Bell

Michelle worked in the travel and hospitality industry for almost two decades. Born in Germany, she has lived in 15 states and two foreign countries, and traveled to more than 35 countries. After living and working in Southeast Asia for several years, she now resides in New Orleans. Read more of Michelle Bell's articles here.

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