InterJet Airlines canceled his flight. Where’s his refund?

InterJet Airlines canceled his flight, but Niels Kjellund’s promised refund never shows up. Can our advocacy team help him retrieve the money?


Last June, I bought two airline tickets on InterJet from Mexico City to Palenque, Mexico. On January 19, InterJet canceled the flight.

InterJet agreed to refund the tickets via an international money transfer. On January 23, InterJet confirmed it had all the necessary information to process the refund and provided a report number.

Since then InterJet has instructed me to “wait” for communication from one of their representatives. The airline refuses to provide any information on when this will happen, and given InterJet’s track record I have become nervous that they don’t intend to follow through on processing the refund. Can you help? — Niels Kjellund, Alameda, Calif.


I’m sorry to hear about your disrupted travel plans and the aggravation of waiting for a refund. If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone. Last month, our advocacy team handled a similar case.

One of my best friends has lived in Mexico most of his adult life. He’s often been my guide into that country’s extraordinary beauty and culture. But one thing that doesn’t thrill him about his adopted country is the pace at which bureaucracies, both government and corporate, sometimes move in Mexico.

InterJet Airlines canceled his flight, but then …

In this case, things started off just as they should have. InterJet acknowledged in writing that you were due a full refund. A paper trail is often the key to a successful outcome when you have a problem. The airline even gathered your banking information so that it could deposit the money into your U.S. account.

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And then you waited.

And waited.

You’ve told us that your repeated emails get variations of the same canned response. Always with the same apology.

“I know our apologies are not enough to solve the nuisance this have [sic] caused,” the company representative writes each time. And then you wait some more.

So our advocate Dwayne Coward gave it a shot and contacted InterJet on your behalf. Initially, he received a variation of the same polite put-off that you’ve been getting, which stated that your claim was still “in the process of validation.”

A refund “has been authorized”

But one more follow-up by Dwayne has produced a spark of hope on this “InterJet Airlines canceled his flight” case.

“The refund has been authorized by our corporate,” InterJet customer service writes, “it is a matter of days for Mr. Kjellund to get it into his bank account.”

Fingers crossed.

But in the event your refund doesn’t arrive, you can try posting your case in the forums at our advocacy website. One of the experts that monitor those forums may have additional advice.

Dale Irvin

Dale Irvin is a semi-retired writer and editor, now living in south Florida after three years roaming around North America in an RV. You can read about those adventures at

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