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  • John Baker

    I’m a merchant. I’ve never had an issue refunding money to a card that had to be reissued due to fraud. In fact, my merchant agreement requires that I do it. The bank that reissued it links the two accounts.

  • ArizonaRoadWarrior

    That have been our experience as well but it could be dependent upon the issuer of the credit card.

  • Bill___A

    There should be a documented way for a merchant to do these sorts of things and if this is the way, so be it. Certainly it should not be dependent upon an IBAN number, but also maybe US banks should get those..

  • Lindabator

    there is – the bank just links the old credit card to the new one — perhaps he cancelled the old one and got a new one elsewhere, and this was the issue

  • The Original Joe S

    another dirtbag……………….

  • cscasi

    I use Chase Bank. I have had to have credit cards reissued because of suspected fraud and real fraud. Chase told me that any payments to my old credit card would be accepted and credited to my bill that would show on my new credit card number issued. I have never had an issued, even when two airlines had to send refunds to my old credit card that was cancelled. The bank handled the credits and ensured they went where they were supposed to go.

  • cscasi

    You are right. If it is with the same bank, it almost always is not an issue. But, if one changes banks and gets a card from the new bank, the old bank would normally not send the credit to the new bank’s credit card; probably because it has no way of knowing that you even have another bank’s card.

  • Mel65

    I was thinking the same thing! I used to work for First USA which eventually became Chase Bank and that was the way it worked when we cancelled cards due to fraud or lost or stolen the two accounts were linked for certain amount of time I can’t remember the length of time; but unless it had been several months, there’s no reason that this gentleman should not have been able to get the refund linked to his new card.

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