Hey Jet Airways, did you miss a zero on my lost luggage claim?

After Air Canada and Jet Airways lose Bob Acciarri’s luggage on a recent flight to Amsterdam, it offers him $300. But did it miss a zero?

Question I recently flew from Cleveland to Toronto on Air Canada and then from Toronto to Amsterdam on Jet Airways. I planned to collect my luggage in Toronto and carry it to Terminal 3 to check it through to Amsterdam, but two of my bags never arrived.

An Air Canada representative told me the airline would forward the missing luggage to Jet Airways and that I’d receive it in Amsterdam. Only one bag arrived. The second bag was lost.

I’ve filed a claim with Jet Airways and Air Canada to recover the $3,000 in property they lost. I’ve also contacted the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. So far, Jet Airways has offered me $300. Can you help? — Bob Acciarri, Avon Lake, Ohio

Answer: Looks like Jet Airways missed a zero. If it lost $3,000 worth of your belongings, it should cut you a check.

Or should it?

The Montreal Convention, which covers lost baggage, sets the maximum liability of Jet Airways at about $1,500 per passenger. So, unless you purchased insurance, the most you would receive is $1,500.

As I review your correspondence between Air Canada and Jet Airways, it looks as if the airline didn’t believe you had $3,000 worth of designer clothes in your bag.

In fact, you initially submitted a claim for $5,791, and you showed receipts for most of the items. Nice work keeping all the paperwork. But you might not want to trust an airline with all those luxury clothes next time.

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You could have appealed this to Jet Airways or Air Canada. I list the contact information on this site.

Our advocacy director, Michelle Friedman, contacted Jet Airways for you. The airline agreed to take another look at your receipts and then offered you $150.

Another typo? Yeah, that’s what our advocacy team thought, too. And we were right! Michelle checked with Jet Airways and it confirmed that it meant to say $1,500. You accepted that offer. Next time, consider insurance for those designer clothes.

Christopher Elliott

Christopher Elliott is an author, journalist and consumer advocate. You can read more about him on his personal website or check out his adventures on his family adventure travel site. Contact him at chris@elliott.org. Read more of Christopher's articles here.

  • Alan Gore

    you have to watch them every second, even when you’re in a conversation in which they have already agreed to settle your case for a specified amount. I suppose that creative math is the next frontier in customer service. It helps to think of yourself as buying a used car.

  • RichardII

    Or, possibly, it could just be a case of human error.

  • Annie M

    Were these all new designer clothing? Don’t they depreciate the value if the clothing is not all new?

  • Alan Gore

    The first time, we have to assume it was just a glitch. Then making the identical error again on the now-reduced amount? Not so much.

  • Joe Blasi

    all sales will now be on 4 square worksheets

  • Alan Gore

    And watch that they don’t try to sell you undercoating for your luggage.

  • Skeptic

    Or a timeshare.

  • Patrica

    Not necessarily. Depends on the designer AND if they are designer originals.

  • Blamona

    You might laugh, but I take phone pictures of packing checked in bags. If ever lost I can show them. With phones these days, easy to create a “paper” trail

  • John McDonald

    yes used clothing is worth nothing. “Designer” what does that even mean ? Everything is designed by someone, even if a copy.

  • John McDonald

    what does a photo do ? Show you had stuff, but doesn’t show what it cost to buy it & when ?

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