An extra “F” makes my Emirates ticket $1,313 more expensive (and that doesn’t include a “service” fee)

Ferdinand Rivera Bernal finds that an additional “F” is an expensive letter when Emirates demands $1,300 to fix his ticket.

Question: Can you help get my name corrected on an eticket from Emirates?

Within four days of the issuance of my ticket, I noticed my name was misspelled — it had an extra F — on my round-trip eticket to Manila. Since I booked my flight through them, I initially contacted CheapOair to see if this problem could be resolved.

CheapOair’s representative informed me that they would contact the airline on my behalf. I provided a scanned copy of my passport and U.S. Visa to be forwarded to Emirates. The representative noted that it was at the airline’s discretion for a waiver as the travel agency does not have any control over the ticket.

During a telephone call with an Emirates’ representative I was told that they could put a note on my PNR that my name was misspelled. I was further informed that changes still needed to be made on the eticket and that my travel agent should be the one to do that since it is their ticket.

Correspondence with CheapOair revealed that the reply from Emirates indicated that their name correction policy requires that I pay $1,313 for the new ticket with the correct name, along with a $50 service fee, and the airline will refund the original ticket with the incorrect name. Can you help? — Ferdinand Bernal, Manila, Philippines

Answer: I am sorry that a single letter has caused you so much trouble.

It would seem that providing the requested documentation of both passport and visa would make deleting the extra F in your name on your eticket a simple process requiring only a deletion and reissuance. It is not like you are changing your name completely, but simply changing what is most likely a typographical error.

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You could have made use of the company contacts for Emirates on our site.

Emirates advises their customers that name changes will incur a penalty:

You are responsible for the accuracy of the personal data given to Emirates when booking online. If you are unsure how to enter the passenger name when booking online, please contact your local Emirates office before completing your booking. Tickets cannot be transferred to other passengers, and any error in name or spelling of the name will mean that the ticket will have to be cancelled (with the applicable cancellation charges) and a new one purchased in the correct name, subject to current fares and availability of flights.

Requiring that you purchase a $1,313 new ticket and charging an additional $50 service fee to simply change one letter does seem excessive. Especially, considering the entire process could be taken care of in less than a minute.

Always proofread before you click the OK button.

Our advocates reached out to CheapOair for a resolution. It fixed the typographical error.

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