L.A. to San Fran in 30 Minutes? Can You Say Hyperloop?

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L.A. to San Fran in 30 Minutes? Can You Say Hyperloop? (Smithsonian)

Marriott says it appears to be victim of phishing scheme (Washington Post)

Asiana won’t sue TV station over bogus names (CNN)

Man dies of heart attack in JFK airport after security doors delay responders (RT)

83 Asiana victims file legal papers against Boeing, cite malfunction (LA Times)

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Help! My Facebook account’s been hacked

Why are airlines dishonest with us? Flat out lying?

Aaron Tobey reaches settlement with TSA (TSA News)

  • Musk must be a very intelligent man.. And the the 30-min hyperloop invention is very interesting. This sounds like a good news to every traveller.

  • binthere222

    It Doesn’t work, even on paper.
    The “designers” forget to include the cost of all those superconducting magnets, plus electricity to supply the EMF to lift the train off the floor of the tube, Or are they planning to use old fashioned rails and steel wheels.
    Now then they could dispense w the vacuum and give the train itsy bitsy wings, but then there would be drag and you would just have a jetplane in a tube.
    OR maybe they were thinking the train would achieve orbital velocity and kind of be in orbit a few inches off the bottom of the tube, but that is 17,000 mph not 4,000.
    If such a system were in use, there would be a grant program to develop the Jet airliner as a cost saving measure.
    This is just one more whiz bang grant generating news story.

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