Are you sure that yogurt caused that damage to your computer?

Jocelyn Kent Smith came to us with one of the most bizarre requests for help our advocates have ever encountered. Smith wanted our help in recovering compensation for damage to her computer, which she claims occurred on a Virgin Atlantic flight. But when we read her story and saw her photos, we doubted her version of events.

Our pilot’s sudden illness caused a flight diversion. Is this an “extraordinary circumstance?”

A sick pilot is definitely an unusual circumstance on a flight. But is it an “extraordinary circumstance” that would exempt the airline from having to compensate the passengers, such as Frederick Brodzinski, for expenses and losses?

If a policy is unwritten, does it really exist?

When Jon Dobson tries to get a bereavement rate on a Virgin Atlantic ticket, the airline forces him to purchase a high-priced ticket at the last minute but promises a refund for the difference between his airfare and a bereavement fare if he sends its agents the death certificate. But when he does so, the airline’s only response is deathly silence.

She wasn’t on Virgin Atlantic’s “Guest List” — so how about a refund?

Did Virgin Atlantic do enough for Joyce Chang? All she wanted was a ride to the airport and to relax in its lounge, a privilege for which she and a friend shelled out $800.
But the car never showed up, she didn’t get to spend much time in the lounge, and now she wants her money back. Is she entitled to anything?

Greenwashed! How to spot the travel industry’s eco-lies

Book an airline ticket, save the planet. Re-use the towel in your hotel, stop global warming. Rent a hybrid car, reduce our dependence on fossil fuel. Lofty promises made by airlines peddling gimmicky carbon offsets, resorts hawking convoluted green initiatives and companies with shiny new fleets of high-maintenance cars to rent. And empty promises.

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