TripAdvisor left me on the hook for a $900 cancellation fee

Adelaide Northrop’s preferred accommodation in St John, U.S. Virgin Islands, is unavailable so she books an alternative hotel through Tripadvisor that is advertised as having a zero penalty cancellation policy. When her first choice suddenly offers her a reservation, she happily confirms. The problem? Tripadvisor charges her a $911 cancellation fee.

A promotion that was too good to be true!

Kelly Thomas receives a hard-to-believe offer from During her upcoming hotel stay in Dubai, she can enjoy unlimited free attractions for herself and anyone else traveling with her. But is this deal too good to be true?

Travel blacklists: Turning tables on the industry

Maybe you’ve heard about Jason Puerner, or someone like him. Puerner, a transportation planner from Lakewood, Colo., says he recently rented a Chevrolet Cruze with a pre-existing scratch from Enterprise. After returning the vehicle, he refused to cough up $412 for repairs and ended up on the company’s infamous “Do Not Rent” list.

TripAdvisor booking canceled “to raise the price” for future customers

The Desert Trip Concert, scheduled to take place at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in October, is expected to be a very big draw for fans of classic rock music, such as Amy Arevalo. She made a booking on TripAdvisor to stay at Indian Palms Country Club & Resort in Indio, Calif., two miles away from the concert venue, in order to see the concert.

TripAdvisor’s Kaufer: We “catch the vast majority of suspicious reviews”

Steve Kaufer is the founder and chief executive of TripAdvisor — a site that made headlines recently when it warned that some of its hotel reviews might have been manipulated. I asked Kaufer about the site, the credibility of user-generated reviews, and the future of social media.

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