Never do this — unless you want big debit card problems

Shelby Harding’s kindness led to big debit card problems — 250 of them to be exact.

She allowed a friend to use her debit card for a stay at a Super 8. The hotel and local police say the friend caused a commotion at the property and smoked in the room. Now Harding is being charged $250 to clean up this mess. And she would like our advocacy team to help get her money back.

But is she owed anything other than a life lesson that you don’t use your debit card to book a “friend’s” hotel room?

Are hotels redefining “day” to raise revenues?

If airlines can redefine the meaning of a day, then why can’t hotels? At least one of them is, according to reader Catena Fugazotto. She recently booked two rooms at a Super 8 in Norwich, NY, for her daughter’s graduation. She was told she could cancel either one if she called within 24 hours of her stay. Trouble is, they couldn’t agree on when her stay actually begins.

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