Can Budget charge a “processing fee” a year later?

When Kate Gunnell’s daughter was touring the University of Washington campus, her family focused on fees for tuition, room and board, books, and the various activities that she could participate in as an incoming freshman — but not car rental “processing fees.” One year later, Gunnell is wondering why Budget is trying to charge her $30 for a ticket she doesn’t even remember receiving.

Insider secrets for finding a better parking spot

Need a place to park? So does everyone else.

Finding a spot is a problem that’s as old as the automobile. And for almost that long, the solution has remained frustratingly constant: Get there early, look carefully, and hope for the best. As the busy driving season rolls around, chances are you’ll be hearing that recycled advice more than a few times.

Sharing companies take over a share of the travel industry

Instead of paying $18 a day to park at San Francisco International Airport last month, Daniel Denegre tried something new. He handed the keys to his Hyundai Accent to a start-up company called FlightCar, which offered “free” parking at an off-airport lot in Burlingame, Calif., and an opportunity to earn up to $20 a day by renting his vehicle to someone else.

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