I just wanted to fly home from Paris. Why was my ticket invalid?

When Ramiro Cruz is prevented from boarding his flight home from Paris, he asks our response team to help him recover the cost of his new air ticket. Can our advocates cut through a fog of code-sharing and contracted fares to get Cruz his airfare back?

Warning: When you book a dream vacation to Paris, make sure your passport is valid

Shelly Clements and her husband recently headed to the airport to take off on their long-awaited trip to Paris. There was just one problem. In all the planning, she had neglected to check her passport for validity — and the news wasn’t good at the check-in counter.

Mugged and bugged in Paris — hey Hotwire, where’s my refund?

Rob Faunce’s trip to Paris is one he’ll remember – for all the wrong reasons.

First he was mugged. Then his room was infested with bedbugs. And to add insult to actual injury, although the hotel staff expressed sympathy for Faunce, they sent him back to Hotwire when he asked for compensation. And yes — Hotwire refused to issue Faunce a refund.

Some loyalty! Here’s how Marriott’s best customers got stuck with a $45,000 bill

After a trip to Paris gone bad, Virginia Sinclair-Brooks is facing some serious bills. On her third day in Paris, her back “went out,” and she was in sudden, severe pain. Her daughter took her to the hospital, where doctors confirmed she had a herniated disc, touching her sciatic nerve.

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