I only needed a blood transfusion! Why did Norwegian Cruise Line leave me in St. Kitts?

When Andrew Goldstein suffers a sudden medical condition that requires a blood transfusion while on a Caribbean cruise, he is left behind in St. Kitts to seek treatment. Now he wants our advocates to help him get a refund for his cruise and reimbursement for his additional travel and medical expenses. But from whom?

This isn’t the cruise that I purchased! Am I due compensation?

A month before their departure, Michael Altshuler and Eileen Zegar discovered they had been assigned a new itinerary, sailing to ports of call that were of no interest on a ship they did not choose.

Their entire vacation had just changed, and they were not even aware of it. Their question: How can Norwegian Cruise Line make these changes and then expect them to pay for it all?

You might be surprised.

“Cruise lines concertedly and deceptively implemented a fuel surcharge”

The first of what could be several fuel charge-related lawsuits against the cruise lines was filed earlier this week in Miami. Coral Gables, Fla., attorney Harley Tropin submitted the complaint, which seeks class action status, on behalf of New York resident Jason Ablelove. It charges several large cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Carnival Corp. and Norwegian Cruise Line, with colluding to fix unreasonably high fuel surcharges.

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