Airberlin changed my flight and added a 19-hour layover

Stella Clark is traveling through Europe when she receives an alert of a schedule change to her upcoming Airberlin flight — one that turns a four-hour jaunt into a 29-hour overnight journey. Why won’t the airline allow her to cancel this unpleasant itinerary?

For the last time, no, a nonrefundable ticket is not refundable

When Shakera Bland wanted to go to Paris, she booked a nonrefundable plane ticket through a third-party site. She expected a week in Paris but when her plans changed, she got a headache instead. Now Bland wants our assistance with a refund. But can we help?

Why won’t you refund my refundable ticket, Lufthansa? (It’s refundable, isn’t it?)

At first glance, Siafa Sherman’s case should have been straightforward. According to Sherman, she paid for a refundable air ticket on Lufthansa, which she then canceled — and was due a refund. But when both our forum staffers and regular advocacy team took a look at Sherman’s paperwork, they realized that Sherman’s ticket was not refundable — and Sherman was not happy to hear that.

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