Why does my “no-limit” data plan seem to have a data limit?

After Gordon Howe purchased a DISH broadband service with no data limit, he was ecstatic and relieved. As a disabled veteran, Howe relies on the Veterans Health Care website, communicates regularly with his doctors and needs constant weather updates as he lives in a mountainous rural area.

Two weeks later, Howe discovered his data was “throttled,” a technique used by data carriers to limit bandwidth, producing agonizingly slow connection speeds. For Howe, the throttled level of data was of no use.

Renegade travel agent brings ticket pricing fight to America

What’s the most maddening thing about airfares? Probably the pricing. You’re offered a low “base” fare, only to have fees, taxes and surcharges tacked on to it. By the time it’s all added up, the fare has doubled. Why can’t they just quote an all-inclusive price to begin with? That’s what Stanley Gyoshev, who founded the online travel agency Lessno with Assen Vassilev, thought. So they did something about it.

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