Did Hotels.com bamboozle this traveler?

Tina Landess Petrich thinks she might have been Bamboozled by Hotels.com. She contacted our advocacy team after she booked a two-night stay in Venice at a special nonrefundable rate. But “seconds” after she pressed confirm, she noticed hefty additional fees included in the total. Has she been the victim of a scam?

There were larvae in my room. Shouldn’t Hotels.com refund me?

When Stephanie Slovon discovers that her hotel room is infested with insects, she immediately checks out, but is stung by Hotels.com’s refusal to issue her a refund. Can some buzz from our advocates in Hotels.com’s ear produce some compensation for Slovon?

I canceled my reservation so why did the hotel still charge me?

When Narayan Ghimire was forced to cancel his hotel reservation on the morning of his planned stay, he did not expect any further charges from the hotel. So when the hotel charged his credit card three times the amount of the original reservation, he believed he was a victim of fraud.

I didn’t wake up happy at my hotel

When Zoraida Fernandez checks into her hotel, she’s met with two surprises: Both of her rooms reek of cigarette smoke, and one of them has only one bed, instead of the two she was promised — this, despite the fact that her online agency, Hotels.com, had guaranteed her two nonsmoking rooms. The agency offers her a discount and a voucher. Should it do more?

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