The ‘luxury’ Internet rental from hell

Vacation rentals are often a perfect alternative to hotels, especially if you’re interested in experiencing more local flavor or are staying for an extended period of time. However — as with anything travel related — it’s incredibly important to do your homework, lest you end up in the rental from hell as Lizet Pena De Sola did on a recent trip.

Honeymoon in hell: “I wanted to leave and go home”

Jessica Kase describes her stay at Sandals Grande St. Lucian as a “honeymoon from hell” and she wants the all-inclusive hotel chain to make it up to her. But has it done enough for her already? And how do you make up for a honeymoon in which you spend “hree days in my room sobbing because what was supposed to be an amazing vacation and honeymoon was completely ruined”?

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