Can you help me get $100,000 for my “near-fatal” in-flight injury?

When Mai Le contacted us concerning her recent “near-fatal’ injury on Hawaiian Airlines, we were surprised to hear that the airline appeared to be unsympathetic to her plight. We suspected there was more to the story — and that was a correct assumption.

Where is my refund, Hawaiian Airlines?

If there were a movie titled “Escape from Hawaii,” Chaya Friedman could be the star. She and her husband are stuck on the island of Molokai and miss their connection in Honolulu to get home to the Chicago area. She is forced to buy tickets on another airline in order to make it to Honolulu on time. Can our advocates help her get reimbursed for her expenses?

Why did Hawaiian Airlines cancel my flight home?

Charlie Williams and his wife were hit with some flight delays on their way to Hawaii. But then they did something that compounded their problems — something that cost them several thousand dollars. Now they want to know if we can help get their money back.

Why won’t Hawaiian Airlines let me fly with my service dog?

Joshua Feldman claims that his four-pound Chihuahua, Tiki, is a “service dog.” But on a recent attempt to board a Hawaiian Airlines flight, the gate agent claimed that Tiki is an “emotional support animal.” Who is right? There’s an important distinction between the two types of animals – and it kept Feldman and his wife from flying that day.

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