Ready to buy? Here’s the exact moment when you should make your offer

Negotiating a deal is part art, part science.

The science part you probably already know. In the last few weeks, I’ve reviewed the best time to book an airline ticket or buy a car, a house, and a computer, among other things.

But one big question still looms: At what point during the actual negotiation do you pull the trigger? Do it too early and you could overpay. Do it too late and you might miss your opportunity altogether.

The best things may come in small packages, but don’t call this gnome short

Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome needs no introduction. This summer, everyone’s favorite lawn ornament is embarking on what he calls the Summer of Possibilities tour to promote the season’s travel bargains. The gnome’s social media friends vote on his next destination, and away he goes. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to interview the gnome on this occasion.

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