These American Airlines executive contacts helped him get a voucher

If there’s one part of this site that’s magic, it’s our executive contacts. Just ask Edward Jackson, who was en route on a mission trip from Baltimore to Rio Negro, Brazil, when we cast a spell that helped him recover an American Airlines voucher.

A personal invitation to join the Inner Circle now

The consumer advocacy you see on this site may be free, but it’s not cheap.

Everything you see is funded by individual supporters like you. And if it weren’t for the cases we resolve and cover here every day — your cases — this would be just another navel-gazing complaint blog.

My advocacy team and I are beyond grateful for your support. It’s more important than ever.

It’s been an incredible year for consumer advocacy. Here are a few numbers that’ll blow you away.

It’s been an incredible year for consumer advocacy. Beyond what anyone could have imagined.

My advocacy team and I are shocked by this year’s numbers — but in a good way. We’ve welcomed more visitors to the site, come to the aid of more readers, and had more help from you, our valued supporters.

In short, it’s been the best year ever.

You’ve never heard of these people, but they’ve changed the way you fly

Their advocacy results in big, embarrassing airline fines. They’ve helped create federal agencies that make air travel safer. And they’ve brought competition and transparency to the skies.

Too many words, not enough information = resolution failure

Do you suffer from verbosity? Unfortunately, this long-winded style of communication can be disastrous to advocacy efforts. As consumer advocates we know that there is a well-tested formula to a successful mediation between a consumer and a company — and it all begins with a well-worded letter of complaint.

Please help us help you with a new mission

If you hear the theme to “Mission: Impossible” whenever you click on this site, you’re not alone. Sometimes I do, too.

I mean, look at some of these cases. Consumers are often out of options when they arrive here on the Ellis Island of consumer rights. They’re at the end of their proverbial rope, painted into a corner, stuck.

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