Was this a Spirit Airlines computer glitch or just user error?

Alison Boan believes that a glitch in the Spirit Airlines reservation system caused her return flight to be booked on the wrong date and increased her ticket price. Just hours later, when she discovers the problem she calls the airline to switch to the correct flight. So why isn’t she allowed to do so?

My Aeroméxico ticket was wrong, and I don’t want to pay the change fee

Gail Creath didn’t confirm her Aeroméxico ticket was booked for the correct date, and the flight left without her. Although the airline was willing to reinstate her ticket for a fee, she didn’t like that option — we don’t recommend what she did next.

Here’s why you should triple-check your reservations before you hit “confirm”

There’s an old saying that the devil is in the details. It’s especially relevant when you’re dealing with air travel. That’s because if you don’t pay careful attention to the details when making your reservations, there can be the devil to pay.

Guess who still has a customer-unfriendly “24-hour hold” rule?

Sapan Parekh assumed — incorrectly, it turns out — that Turkish Airlines would refund his tickets if he canceled within a day.


Turkish is one of the holdouts that allow customers to “hold” their tickets for 24 hours instead of buying and getting a refund. If they purchase a ticket, there are no refunds.

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