Who needs a Samsung refrigerator that doesn’t stay cool?

Liliya Mikhaylova’s Samsung refrigerator stops working, and the warranty technicians can’t fix it. As a matter of fact, no one authorized to repair it in the area will finish the job. What is Mikhaylova to do? Just contact our advocates — and chill.

Question:We purchased a refrigerator in May 2017 and it stopped cooling three months later. Samsung has scheduled several authorized service centers to fix it. One of them came over and tried to fix it, but it didn’t work out. Samsung then wanted other companies to fix it, but everyone else in my area was refusing to do it because they didn’t want to pick up what someone else started.

Since then, Samsung has moved this issue to the accommodation process, for refund or exchange. Three months have passed and Samsung has not resolved the issue. Their operators are not helpful or knowledgeable, and there are no executive team contacts available to talk to me.

The refrigerator is still under manufacturer’s warranty and not fixed, and I’ve had three months of disappointment.

Is there any way to find out the reason why Samsung has not resolved this issue yet, and if there are any other contacts available to escalate this problem? — Liliya Mikhaylova, North Port, Fla.

Answer:So sorry to hear of your frustration with Samsung. I was getting angry just reading the correspondence between you and the company.

Samsung markets its refrigerators as Meaningful Innovations, but they’re not meaningful if they don’t keep your food cold!

You clearly went about the repair process the right way by contacting Samsung and requesting the warranty service to which you are entitled.

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Once the repair companies failed to properly fix your fridge, Samsung should have accommodated you immediately with a new unit. Based on your chat transcripts with Samsung representatives, it seems that they were better trained at delay and double-talk than problem resolution.

Perhaps the problem was that you did not speak to the right contacts at Samsung. A simple, polite letter to one of their executive contacts that we list on our website might have done the trick.

We also prefer that you contact companies via email or chat than by phone so that you can establish and maintain a paper trail.

Frustrated with Samsung’s lack of helpfulness, you turned to our advocates, who asked for copies of your correspondence with the company’s representatives. The transcript of a recent chat was a cause for consternation. The representative promised that someone with the power to grant a refund would be in touch within 24 hours. However that never materialized. That person’s supervisor refused to accept that other authorized repair companies would not repair the unit. She kept trying to pawn another company on you, and everyone already had refused to finish the job. She also suggested that you could attempt to reach the company by phone, which you wisely refused.

Our advocate reviewed your receipt and correspondence and shared them with an executive contact at Samsung.

Both you and our advocate were pleasantly surprised that, within a couple of hours, a Samsung executive told you that a refund was in process. I’m so glad that soon you finally will have a refrigerator that works.

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Mark Pokedoff

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  • MarkKelling

    So is it a full refund for the total actual price paid for the refrigerator when it was new, or is it a prorated refund based on the number of months the customer had the refrigerator? How long before the customer actually receives the refund? And a refund still doesn’t provide the customer with a working refrigerator. They have to go shopping for another one with the hope it will work better and for a longer period than the current one did.

  • MF

    It sounds like Samsung’s well trained CSR’s were doing their job a bit too well? It’s a scary thought, but perhaps this tale exposes Samsung’s actual policy, rather than the ‘lip service’ of their carefully crafted anodyne statements designed to sell more units. Think of how well Samsung took care of their ‘exploding Galaxy cellphone’ customers. QED.

  • Carrie

    We had a nightmare with the Haier Company. Bought a beautiful full-size Haier fridge/freezer at Lowe’s. The fridge portion would not cool and the freezer over-froze. Since we bought the extra warranty from the manf., Lowe’s (corp) told us they could do nothing for a year. We contacted Haier. They are in Germany. Every time we spoke they promised us they would find a solution. All they did was give us a list of appliance repair shops in the twin cities. None of them wanted to do work for Haier.
    Finally, I decided to talk to the Lowe’s where we purchased the fridge.My expectations were not high after being turned down by Lowe’s corporate, but the local appliance manager apologized and helped us pick out a new fridge and gave us the difference. She did not have to do this and frankly, I didn’t think it could be solved at the local level, but thank goodness it was.

    **This is the part I don’t understand. I asked the Lowe’s appliance manager what would happen to the Haier fridge. She said the repair department would find out what was wrong, fix it and it would be resold. Why couldn’t they have just fixed for us (the customer) in the first place?

  • Michael__K

    Things haven’t changed with Samsung I see…
    I had a very similar experience with one of their refrigerators in 2009.
    The unit never stayed cool from the time of delivery and they stalled for three and a half months and reneged on every promise to replace it if they couldn’t repair it.
    After I complained in writing to the NJ State Attorney General (where Samsung is headquartered) I learned that the AG already had a consent order with Samsung over many other warranty complaints like mine. My claim was very quickly escalated and I got a replacement unit as soon as the AG’s office was involved.

  • jsn55

    Out of all the consumer issues this country has, I find these kinds of stories the most indicative of the decline of our culture. Companies manufacture high-tix items that don’t work and won’t fix them. If I fork over a couple grand for a new reefer, I don’t want to be dealing with non-functionality and a manufacturer who doesn’t care. Great job on this story, Mark.

  • Twirl Mom

    I bought a Samsung glass top stove 2 years ago. In less than a year, the stove top cracked. There were no local businesses who could fix it because none of them did warranty work on Samsung appliances. Samsung basically said I was SOL since no one locally could do the repair under warranty. I asked Samsung if I could get it fixed myself, pay for it, then submit the receipt for the repair to them to reimburse. They said no. After going back and forth for several weeks, they finally offered to refund me for the stove; however, they would only refund the actual cost of the stove. They would not refund the tax or the installation cost. The cost to repair the cracked stove was around $350 but Samsung preferred to reimburse me $1400 for the stove. I will NEVER buy another Samsung product again! Their customer service is the worst!

  • joycexyz

    Apparently this “innovative” appliance can do everything–except keep food cold. Oops! How irritating that a consumer needs to contact execs (or have Elliott contact them) before obvious problems are resolved.

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