Hey Pinterest, why did you send me this takedown notice?

By | January 15th, 2017

Why does Pinterest keep sending Tamara Jordan takedown notices after one of her posts has been removed? And why won’t it stop?

Question: I have received the same email from Pinterest daily, notifying me that a pin has been deleted. I can’t stop the emails. I reported the problem to Pinterest, but only receive an explanation of its removal policy. But, the takedown emails keep coming.

I want to make sure Pinterest is aware of the glitch and that I stop receiving the emails. Can you help? — Tamara Jordan, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Answer: If you’ve notified Pinterest that it is continually sending you unnecessary emails about pins being deleted, it should stop sending you the emails.

Pinterest holds itself out as a free online catalog of ideas. Registered users can upload and manage images and videos, which are known as “pins.” The images and videos are categorized as collections known as “pinboards.” Users can access the pins of other users and get ideas from the pins that other users post.

You had a pin that was removed, and Pinterest sent you an email informing you of its removal. But, after the removal and the initial notification, you continued to receive the same email from Pinterest.

Each time you reported the repeated deletion email to Pinterest, it sent an automated response that explained its pin removal policy. Basically, the Pinterest acceptable use policy disallows pins that are sexually explicit, pornographic, discriminatory, promote mental, emotional or physical harm to oneself, others or animals, or are fraudulent, deceptive or misleading.

Pinterest removes pins that don’t meet its acceptable use policy. Our advocates don’t know why your pin was removed, but that does not seem to be your concern. Your concern is that you continued to receive pin removal notices after the applicable pin had been removed. And, you couldn’t get Pinterest to listen to you and stop sending you pin removal emails. That’s frustrating and, as you said, driving you “insane.”

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Before being driven insane, you could have tried to contact Pinterest company executives to see if they could help you. You can find executive contact information for Pinterest on our website.

Our advocates contacted Pinterest on your behalf. Pinterest emailed you and informed you that it was a glitch and its engineering team was working on it. Since hearing from Pinterest, you haven’t received any further emails from Pinterest. And, your sanity has remained intact.

  • cscasi

    Things happen in our fabulous electronic world, but Pinterest should have been able to resolve his issue immediately. Just shows a lack og good customer service or a lack of good engineering team to take care of the issue.
    This is a reason I do not use much social media.

  • BubbaJoe123

    Or, just spend 10 seconds to create an email filter to send these directly to the trash. The forums software for Elliott.org seems unable to show me an alert on the site without sending me an email, so I just had all the emails automatically sent to the trash, I never see them.

  • JewelEyed

    That doesn’t really solve the problem though. Some people like to let people know when things are broken so they actually get fixed.

  • BubbaJoe123

    And some of us feel no need to provide free IT services to companies.

  • JewelEyed

    Well, nobody’s obligated to be helpful.

  • BubbaJoe123

    Certainly doesn’t sound like the person in this piece was doing this out of a sense of altruism.

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