Two spam calls in two minutes? That’s gotta be a new record

Spam calls are out of control. I just received two unsolicited calls within two minutes. Two minutes!

They had the audacity to leave a voice message.

And I have the audacity to post them.

You’d think that recent legislation to end these kinds of annoying calls would have put a stop to this type of thing. Instead, for reasons that aren’t immediately apparent, it’s made it worse.

Here’s message one (MP3). Pretty slick presentation. Interestingly, she’s pitching herself, which is to say, she’s basically saying you can get rich by spamming more people exactly like she has. I wonder if you get to recycle the phone message?

Here’s an excerpt:

Sorry we missed you. If you’re worried about your financial future, maybe we can help.

I’m calling on behalf of Jeff Hudgins. For over 5 years we’ve been showing people how to receive 2 to 5,000 weekly in immediate cash flow through a simple, legal voicemail. I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like that.

Nor do I ever want to. If this “simple” voice mail is legal now, then the Federal Communications Commission should ensure that it isn’t.

How about a rulemaking, fellas?

Here’s the second one (MP3). Same kind of business, except that they’ve gone for a folksier approach.

Just wondering how you’re doing with your business online and if you’re open to increasing your recruiting by 400 percent as well as I did.

[Add] $100 to your daily cash flow, using automated systems like this one that do the hard work of finding sorting and calling people for you.

Thanks, but no thanks.

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No one should have the right to clutter up my phone mail with unwanted voice mails.

(Photo: f reeze light/Flickr Creative Commons)

Christopher Elliott

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