Amazon offers fastest holiday purchase refunds, study says

The returning of gifts is almost as time-honored a tradition as Christmas itself.

Merchants are quick to take your cash, but they sure take their time with a refund — unless you’re doing business with,, or They were the three fastest online retailers, according to a new study by StellaService, issuing refunds within about four days.

The slowest? That would be, which took two weeks, and, which still hasn’t returned Stella’s purchase (naughty, naughty!).

Here’s the full list.

1. – 4.3 days
2. 4.7 days
3. 4.7 days
4. 4.7 days
5. 4.7 days
6. 5.0 days
7. 5.3 days
8. 6.0 days
9. 6.7 days
10. 6.7 days
11. days
12. 7.0 days
13. days
14. 7.7 days
15. 8.0 days
16. 8.7 days
17. 9.7 days
18. 10.0 days
19. 10.0 days
20. 12.0 days
21. 12.3 days
22. days
23. 13.3 days
24. 14.3 days
25. No refunds

To test the shipping speed of the Internet’s top 25 retailers, StellaService ordered and returned several products from each retailer to various parts of the country in the weeks leading up to December 25th, 2011. All shipments were done via UPS Ground Service.

How long have you been waiting for your refund?

(Photo: cheu kiecfu/Flickr)

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