You can do something about smaller seats and substandard service now

This week’s top story was Charlie Leocha’s takedown of airline seat “densification” and what it means to you.

His recommendation? If you want more generous seats, fly Southwest Airlines.

Actually, we spent a good part of last week dissecting corporate America’s service failures, which is kind of a thing on this site. But, to be fair, we also celebrated some of its successes.

I still have a smile on my face after reading Andrew Der’s column about the hotel employee who handed Dave Olsen, a long-time reader of this site, the keys to his own truck after Olsen had a flat tire and was late for an important appointment.

And I’m still high-fiving my cats about Arlene Verge’s theater tickets. See, sometimes, nonrefundable tickets can be refundable.

Oh, don’t judge. Who wouldn’t high-five this cat?


The question all of these stories raise is: How can we discourage the horrible customer service and encourage the random acts of kindness and compassion we documented?

You’ve already taken the first step by clicking on this story. This site, our help forums and our daily newsletter are here because we care. We want to make a difference. By reading, you are saying you want the same thing.

Thank you for being part of this special community.

But there’s more you can do. Why not join this list of underwriters who have financially supported this site? If your name is already there, thank you. If it isn’t, I have some important news: Our fall fundraiser is ending tomorrow.

The money we raise is used exclusively to cover this site’s operating expenses, including our server, web design and editing. And we’re fortunate to be joined by a long list of companies who have lent a hand, including Allianz, BlueCosmo, Comus, Fodors, Fairmont and many more. There’s still time to win that hotel stay and dinner at the Fairmont Washington, by the way!

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Christopher Elliott

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