Jennifer Aniston mocks U.S. airlines in hilarious new ad

Jennifer Aniston is taking off the gloves in a new Emirates ad that makes US airlines look, well, foolish.

In the ad, US carriers, as a whole, are slammed and downright mocked for the anemic level of service they provide their customers, who they appear to resent.

The comparison between Emirates and US airlines is exaggerated for the sake of the ad, but the reality behind the comparison is not.

Travelers who have experienced both acknowledge that passengers of the Middle East’s top airlines enjoy an entirely different kind of travel from their US counterparts.

The ad casts Aniston as a passenger on a nameless US plane looking for the shower and other luxuries she has grown accustomed to, we assume, as an Emirates customer.

“This isn’t an Emirates plane, ma’am,” snaps a dismissive flight attendant.

When the bar Aniston is looking for is missing, too, she gets the reply, “There is no bar here, but we do have hot towels and a bag of peanuts.”

Which is just what US air travelers feel like they’ve been left with in recent years — peanuts.

Anniston joins the ranks of a growing legion of US travelers increasingly critical of the deteriorating air travel experience in the US.

And although the shower Aniston seeks in the ad is only available for Emirates premium class ticket holders, the point is made.

Somehow, in the last decade, US fliers have allowed themselves to settle for a travel experience more akin to riding a freight train than the experience airlines like Emirates, and others, have proved is still possible.

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The ad ends with the cabin beginning to spin around Aniston while her world becomes a nightmarish, macabre scene befitting the Halloween season.

With flight staff cackling, their faces stretched into grotesque grins, the screen goes dark.

“I was on a plane and it was nothing like this,” shares Aniston, now comfortably aboard Emirates.

The tagline, “Wake up to flying as it should be” appears across the screen.

For US travelers, the message hits a little too close to home.

Time to wake up.

Joseph Luther

Hailing from the great white north, Joe’s background is in corporate communications. He is a writer, media junky and believer in the power of the consumer for change.

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