How to become the world’s smartest traveler

By | June 30th, 2013


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What should we do about the hotel minibar?
The hotel minibar is marketed as a convenience and amenity at many full-service hotels, portrayed as a “necessary” part of a sophisticated lodging experience. That’s not always true. Minibars have long been a drain on our expense accounts. The latest models are so sophisticated that moving them in any way — even bumping up against them — can trigger an erroneous billing. Do you wish these “amenities” would go away, or do you like having a selection of beverages and snacks in your hotel room? Tell me your minibar story. Please send me an email. As always, don’t forget include your full name, city and occupation.

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How to Break Through a Customer Service Script
Talk to me. That’s all customers like you want when they call a company. They want someone to talk to them. But corporations don’t always talk back. Read more in my column.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever fed your kids?
Is feeding your child French fries twice a day, five days in a row, a form of child abuse? When you’re on vacation, you start to wonder. I mean, who serves deep-fried potato wedges at home? But on the road, almost every meal comes with a side of fries or chips. Even breakfast. Get the details on our family travel blog, Away is Home.

A mostly true fish story with a truly unfortunate ending
Michael Patterson’s fish story is true. At least that what he says.
Somewhere between Orlando and San Jose, Costa Rica, Spirit Airlines lost a fiberglass fish mount in his checked bag that belonged to his late father. That is a fact. (Oh I know, some of you have already sniffed, “Spirit!” But give ‘em a chance, will you?) Find out how this fish story ends.

Hey United, there are two Charlestons — learn to tell ‘em apart
Don’t get your Charlestons confused. United Airlines did, and look at where it got Mo Shah and his family. I’m not sure if his problem, which involves a series of unfortunate events at the airport leading to an abbreviated anniversary celebration, is fixable. But there’s plenty to learn for those of us watching from the sidelines.

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