Hey, who moved my border?

By | June 9th, 2014

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Hey, who moved my border? Are airlines changing national boundaries to make more money? I look at the facts in my latest USA Today column. Please join the discussion.

Who are the top cruise bloggers? You can vote for your favorite on the latest 10best.com list.

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This week’s burning question

Flying with a special need? I’m working on a story about special-needs passengers with mental disabilities. I’m interested in any recent stories — positive or negative — about how an airline treated you or a loved one with a disability on a flight. Here’s my email address.

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The latest news from Elliott

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  • TonyA_says

    it is so easy to check baggage fees at the AA website.

    For tickets purchased on/after April 8, 2014: $25 unless qualifies for other exceptions and excluding South America …

    For tickets purchased on/after April 8, 2014, first bag fee does not
    apply: In the Caribbean for PAP, POS, SDQ, STI, KIN; In Central America
    for GUA, MGA, PTY, SAL, SAP, TGU

    BAG 1 – 25.00 USD UPTO50LB/23KG AND UPTO62LI/158LCM
    BAG 2 – 40.00 USD UPTO50LB/23KG AND UPTO62LI/158LCM

  • S363

    I tried to join, but it doesn’t appear as though one can yet (12:35 pm EDT). Maybe let us know when one actually can?

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