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New posts

Does Secure Flight program mean more money for the airlines?
Jesse Demastrie and his wife flew from Washington to Las Vegas without incident the day after Christmas. TSA agents waved them through the screening area, and United Airlines allowed the couple to board the aircraft.

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Here’s an update on yesterday’s Southwest story — and how you can help
The response to yesterday’s story about how a Southwest Airlines pilot held the plane for the grandfather of a murder victim has been overwhelming. Here’s an update.

Can this trip be saved? Do I have to pay Continental’s fee-on-a-fee?
When I wrote about “fees on top of fees” yesterday, several readers accused me of exaggerating. But Sergei Shevchuk wasn’t one of them. He’s been trying to recover an undisclosed reticketing fee of $25 he had to pay Continental Airlines for several months.

Southwest Airlines pilot holds plane for murder victim’s family
It’s easy to be an airline industry critic in an era of “no waivers, no favors” and fees on top of fees. It’s easy to paint airlines as heartless corporations that treat us like self-loading cargo.

Talking social media in Lake Tahoe
There’s no more breathtaking view from a ski slope than the one you get on a crystal-clear day from Heavenly Ski Resort.

The government admits it really wants to see your genitals at the airport
And we thought things couldn’t get any stranger.


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