Rejuv Maxx sold me $1,100 in spa services and then closed forever

Kim Wacek sees a great “buy one, get one free” offer on prepaid spa services at a South Florida spa operated by Rejuv Maxx. She spends over $1,100 on the deal, but before she can enjoy any of the services the company closes its doors forever. Did she just get fleeced?

Dating service disaster! Is her $2,000 gone forever?

Suzanne Lee finds the Los Angeles dating scene hard to navigate so she decides to hire a matchmaking service to help the process along. She pays $2,000 to Los Angeles Singles and then prepares to meet her Mr. Right. Things don’t go as planned and now she wants a refund for this expensive dating service disaster. But is this just buyer’s remorse?

This NordicTrack treadmill is giving her plenty of exercise — in futility

Angela Wise decides to begin 2018 with a commitment to a consistent exercise plan. So she orders a brand-new NordicTrack treadmill. But when she receives an inoperable piece of equipment, her enthusiasm turns to frustration — and then anger. Can we help get Wise back on the right track?

The Sears contact information listed on Elliott solved my problem

Cherie Riley’s new Sears refrigerator had so many defects that, five months after buying it, she wanted a replacement. But Sears’ technicians and customer service personnel were not helpful. So she turned to us — and successfully resolved her own case using our Sears contact information.

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