Having a complicated citizenship caused an expensive problem for this traveler

Leon Razzon is convinced that his daughter, Lora, should have been permitted to fly from Raleigh-Durham to Istanbul with only a U.S. Passport, which was about to expire, and a Turkish citizen card. American Airlines denies her boarding — and now he wants compensation.

Is a French air traffic control strike a valid reason to deny EU 261 compensation?

Tim Murphy booked flights on Expedia for himself, his wife and their four children for an Italian vacation. A strike by French air traffic controllers threw a wrench in their plans. Now he wants to know if his missed connections are fixable.

Warning: When you book a dream vacation to Paris, make sure your passport is valid

Shelly Clements and her husband recently headed to the airport to take off on their long-awaited trip to Paris. There was just one problem. In all the planning, she had neglected to check her passport for validity — and the news wasn’t good at the check-in counter.

Warning: When your flight is delayed, don’t walk away from the gate

When Lara Wallace arrived at the gate, ready for her flight, she was dismayed to see it was delayed. But leaving the gate area to grab dinner led to disastrous consequences. Should Frontier Airlines reimburse Wallace? Is she entitled to this compensation?

Booked in business class — confirmed in economy

When Lars Koch checked his flight confirmation, he discovered something troubling. He had expected to be seated in business class on each leg of his round-trip flight on Airberlin to Germany. But the confirmation showed that he was to be seated in the back of the plane for two legs of his trip.

This isn’t the cruise that I purchased! Am I due compensation?

A month before their departure, Michael Altshuler and Eileen Zegar discovered they had been assigned a new itinerary, sailing to ports of call that were of no interest on a ship they did not choose.

Their entire vacation had just changed, and they were not even aware of it. Their question: How can Norwegian Cruise Line make these changes and then expect them to pay for it all?

You might be surprised.

No, Allianz does not consider being arrested as a “trip interruption”

When Tamra Corrigan’s husband is involved in a vehicular accident in the Dominican Republic, he is taken into police custody. This frightening situation ended with the five-member Corrigan family being escorted by staff from the U.S. Embassy to the airport for immediate removal from the country.

“The hotel lost my luggage” — and that’s just the beginning of this tale of lost and found

When you check your luggage and board a plane there’s always at least a moment when you wonder, “Am I ever going to see that bag again?” When Ashli Overton and her family boarded their flight to spend the holidays in Mexico they may have had exactly that thought. What they didn’t expect was that it would be the hotel that lost their luggage, not the airline.

I wanted $2,400, but United gave me $38! Is this fair?

Arthur Goldberg says he’ll never fly on United Airlines again after his recent trip to Israel. After a trip full of delays and a cancellation, he was offered only $38 and two $100 flight certificates. Goldberg thinks that’s extremely inadequate. But as far as United is concerned, Goldberg’s attitude precludes him from any further consideration.

She wasn’t on Virgin Atlantic’s “Guest List” — so how about a refund?

Did Virgin Atlantic do enough for Joyce Chang? All she wanted was a ride to the airport and to relax in its lounge, a privilege for which she and a friend shelled out $800.
But the car never showed up, she didn’t get to spend much time in the lounge, and now she wants her money back. Is she entitled to anything?

They missed their New Year’s Eve cruise by a whole year. Are they entitled to restitution?

Sara Zalkin planned a special New Year’s Eve celebration with her husband and 16 friends aboard the Carnival Conquest, and they booked through the travel agency Legendary Journeys. But when the group arrived to embark the ship, the Zalkins’ boarding passes were for a cruise departing Dec. 31, 2017, instead of Dec. 31, 2016, and Carnival would not allow them to board the ship.

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