Orkin says there were no bedbugs in our hotel room — so what bit us?

When George Paddock’s wife woke up in their hotel room with small red welts on her legs, they immediately thought the worst — bedbugs! But, when they reported their concerns to the hotel staff, the room was inspected by Orkin Pest Control and no bedbugs were found. So why is Paddock now asking for almost $3,000 in damages?

American Airlines reopened the plane’s door for us — then kicked us off!

Kathleen Mastergeorge says that she and her husband were “harassed” and “bullied” off their American Airlines flight by the lead flight attendant. She wants compensation for the cost of the flight. But we’re not going to help her get it.

‘Unless your mother is dead, there’s nothing we can do and this conversation is over’

When Kim Davidson’s mother fell deathly ill just before a planned vacation to Greece, she asked Swiss International if she could postpone the family trip. But sometimes, what an airline says and what a customer hears are not the same thing. Now Davidson wants to know if she has any chance at a Swiss refund.

I nearly froze in my Florida VRBO rental! Can I get a refund?

When an unexpected cold-snap threatened Nora Allen’s plans for a semitropical getaway, she tried to make the best of it. That is until she discovered that the advertised heating in her VRBO rental was nonfunctional. She tolerated the plummeting indoor temperature for several days before she abandoned the condo. So why won’t VRBO refund her money?

A Carnival cruise filled with memories (just not the good kind)

Stacy Benton expected her recent Carnival cruise to be filled with memories that would last a lifetime. And it was — just not the good kind. She says her wheelchair-bound mother-in-law had no access to a bathroom during the 5-day cruise. And now she wants a refund for this cruise nightmare.

Help! Hampton Inn accused me of smoking marijuana in my room

Kentrel Thompson checks out of a Hampton Inn and later, with great dismay, finds that $250 has been debited from the bank account that was used to pay for the room. The reason? The hotel says that “Mr. Thompson” was smoking marijuana in his room.

My wife’s Austrian Airlines Smart Upgrade bid was $400– not $3,400!

Using the Smart Upgrade bidding program for their recent flights to and from Vienna, Steven Schmidt’s wife snagged the couple a comfy Austrian Airlines business class upgrade.

But once they got back home, Schmidt suffered a severe case of sticker shock. His wife thought she bid and paid $400 for those round-trip upgrades. The actual cost: $3,400.

Lured by a $200 Southwest Chase Visa credit. So where is it?

The Southwest Chase Visa credit offer Valerie Schreck saw looked too good to be true, as affinity credit card offers often do.

Apply for the card now, the pop-up on Southwest.com promised her, and she could save $200 on her flight.

She applied for the card, only to discover the offer was too good to be true. The $200 credit never showed up.

A “printout” from Ancestry.com is not valid ID to cruise to Canada

Barbara Vannier’s adult daughter tried to check in for her recent international cruise with just a driver’s license and a printout from Ancestry.com. Unfortunately, she quickly found out that this is not valid ID to cruise to Canada and was left behind.

Now Vannier wants an apology from Royal Caribbean and a full cash refund for her daughter’s missed vacation. But is she entitled to either?

Caesars Entertainment Total Rewards program took all of my points

Scott Gillette took a gamble with his Caesars Entertainment Total Rewards points — and lost.

He waited until the last minute to make a purchase that would keep his account in good standing and prevent his points from expiring. However, the company claims the clock ran out for Gillette and his points. But did it?

You can’t negotiate your Hotwire discount after you click confirm

Just in case you’re wondering, you can’t negotiate your Hotwire discount after you click confirm.

Eden Benbow found that out the hard way when she recently booked a Hotwire “blind” deal. Once Hotwire revealed the name of her hotel and the rate, she discovered she hadn’t gotten such a good deal. And she asked Hotwire to do better.

Here’s why you shouldn’t purchase two one-way tickets to save money

Many travel sites claim you can sometimes save money by booking two one-way airline tickets instead of a round-trip ticket. But is there a downside to this practice?

An Expedia cancellation is free, except for you

Susan Veazey took Expedia at its word when she booked her hotel room in New Orleans recently.
The online agency promoted a free cancellation, so Veazey figured she could make multiple reservations and then cancel the one she didn’t want.

She figured wrong — and now she’s stuck with several rooms she can’t use.

I did not pay to hear drunks on the plane!

On her recent American Airlines flight, Patricia Simon was forced to endure the antics of a crowd of drunks on the plane. Now she wants to know if she can get a refund.

I know what American Airlines will say if I bring Simon’s case to it.


Custom Shop closed, so what can I do with this $500 gift certificate?

John Goldberg and his sister purchased a $500 gift certificate from The Custom Shop for their nephew. But when their relative went to the clothier’s store location in San Francisco, he found the Custom Shop closed. And the company will not refund the cost of the gift certificate.

I tried to sell my Target gift card on Craigslist and a thief stole it!

Recently, we have received a steady stream of complaints about Target gift cards and missing balances. We are happy to report that we have been able to successfully advocate most of these cases. So when we received Tony Tucker’s request for help we thought we might be able to assist, until we read his entire story.

I wasted $1,000 on fake jewelry during my cruise!

Susan Parelman was enjoying a cruise vacation on Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas when she disembarked in Cozumel, Mexico to do some shopping. Unfortunately, she felt she was “ripped off” at a jewelry store that she claimed was vetted by the cruise line and now she wants a refund.

I planned to take a Princess Cruise, not a public bus

Jane Schwalm and her husband had intended to sail from Valparaiso, Chile, to Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Princess Cruises’ Emerald Princess. Then Princess changed ports, forcing the passengers to travel to San Antonio, Chile, to board the ship. The Schwalms needed transportation to San Antonio – and Princess wouldn’t provide it.

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