Who does the Air Travelers Association really represent?

Do air travelers want a Bill of Rights? Apparently they don’t — or at least they shouldn’t — according to the Air Travelers Association, which this morning issued a press release saying that the proposed legislation is “feel good, but ironically will not do good for passengers.” The statement is impeccably timed. Later this week, key players in the bill battle will testify on Capitol Hill.

Kate needs your help

Readers of this site have followed the brave efforts of Kate Hanni as she’s fought for a Passengers Bill of Rights. And many of you have told me that you think it’s time for our elected representatives to take some action. Well, I received a call from one of Kate’s people yesterday, and now it’s time for us to put up. Kate’s going to Washington — and she needs your support.

More TSA SSSSilliness

By now everyone — including the bad guys — know that being designated as a “selectee” for further screening is almost always a totally random thing. The airline draws your name from the passenger list and generates a boarding pass with “SSSS” written across it. It’s your lucky day!

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