Where’s the sexy lady by the pool? Oh no, it’s a photo fakeout

riuYou don’t have to read Federal Trade Commission rulings for a living to enjoy this guilty pleasure.

My friends over at the hotel review startup Oyster.com have an irresistible new feature called Photo Fakeout that compares reality with a hotel’s brochure.

It’s jarring, funny, sad — and often, infuriating.

My favorite is the missing “sexy lady” (their words, not mine). The RIU Negril wants to believe lithe models hang out at its pool.


In fact, this is what you’re likely to see …


Where did the woman go?

There’s more. Here’s a before-and-after of a buffet at a Dominican Republic resort. Yuck.

Destination wedding anyone? You probably want to avoid the drunken, sunburned people who will be joining you at this hotel.

Here’s a resort that learned how to use Photoshop. Wow. My seven-year-old could do that.

This feature is an inspired idea. I hope travelers will read it — if not for the warnings, then for the laughs.

(Photo of the Riu Negril beach … I think. Hat tip to Paul.)

Christopher Elliott

Christopher Elliott is an author, journalist and consumer advocate. You can read more about him on his personal website or check out his adventures on his family adventure travel site. Contact him at chris@elliott.org. Read more of Christopher's articles here.

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