Vote now for your favorite travel blogger

It’s time to vote for your favorite travel blogging personality.

Last week, I asked for nominations and explained the rules. Sifting through the nominees wasn’t easy. I know a lot of these bloggers personally, and I want all of them to make the list.

But only 12 will.

So, in an effort to determine the travel bloggers you must follow in 2012, I’m putting it to a vote.

Here are the nominees:

Almost Fearless
Amateur Traveler
Arthur Frommer
Camels and Chocolate
Canada’s Adventure Couple
Delicious Baby
Digital Nomad
Europe Up Close
Everything Everywhere
The Everywhereist
Fluent in 3 Months
Go Big or Go Home
Go Visit Hawaii
Hotel Belle
Johnny Jet
Nomadic Matt
Pauline Frommer
Peter Greenberg
The Perrin Post
Rick Steves
Tim Leffel
Today in the Sky
Uncornered Market
Wild Junket

And here are the winners.

(Photo: jeeh eon/Flickr)

Christopher Elliott

Christopher Elliott is an author, journalist and consumer advocate. You can read more about him on his personal website or check out his adventures on his family adventure travel site. Contact him at

  • That’s why it is so difficult to explain in a few words why people will travel  world of wonders. 
    Thanks you for interesting post ;)

  • You should list the Canada Adventure Couple as “ThePlanetD”. Awesome blog.

  • Tim Leffel

    Chris, is this done? Your post said you’d post the winners on December 16, but it looks like it’s still tallying new votes.

  • Interesting list.

  • FamiliesGo

    Hope we make your list next year!

  • Lydia Viallon

    “On another night in central Haiti, in another hospital, and elderly man grabbed my arm and said: “Haiti is finished.” Two younger Haitians, a doctor whose family home in Petit-Goave was turned to rubble and a former patient who was enrolled in nursing school at the time of the quake, overheard the comment. “No,” they both said. “Ayiti p’ap peri” (“Haiti will never be finished“).

  • Thomas Figg-Hoblyn

    I love travel blogs and I can learn much from them.  One piece of advice I like to share is that I stay at bed and breakfast places when I travel and usually I can find one on

  • tamasam

    Wish to know more about Kochi Tours

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