Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood: “Amtrak runs in the fog”

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Hilarious interview with Ray LaHood on The Daily Show.

He has a few thoughts about it on his blog.

I’ve already heard from Peoria folks on Twitter who are wondering where I found a sense of humor. For that, the credit goes to Jon, who is a total pro and really put me at ease.

One thing Jon and I both agree on is trains. We both know that if Jon ever needs to be at the White House on a foggy day, he’ll get there on time with Amtrak. His show was also a great place to make it clear that, “This is the start of high-speed rail in America!”

Most telling, to me, is the URL title of the blog — apparently revised from “Another activity I never imagined doing — appearing on the Daily Show” to “Daily Show interview — this is not your grandfather’s DOT.” I hear that!

I think LaHood did a nice job.

Christopher Elliott

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