It’s time to vote for your favorite — and least favorite — of everything. Come on, I know you want to!

By | December 18th, 2016

It’s that time of year. Time for you to tell me what you think.

Every year for more than a decade, this site has solicited your opinion on the best companies to do business with. For 2017, we have some big changes in store. We’ve added a few new categories and eliminated a few.

You can skip right to the survey if you want to get started.

As a refresher, here are the winners for 2015 and 2016. Before that, we used a different methodology.

For our 2017 list, we’ve added a wireless and subscription TV services category, which have been focus areas for this site’s advocacy practice. We’ve also restructured the ground transportation category to highlight new sharing options. At the same time, we’ve eliminated best travel apps and best travel bloggers, which are no longer as important to our readers.

Why do we do a Reader’s Choice award? Because your opinion matters. We want to know which companies have offered you the best customer service this year because chances are, if they took care of you, they’ll also take care of your fellow readers and consumers.

A few notes about how we collect the information. For security purposes, you’ll need a Google account and you’ll have to be signed in to complete the survey. (For years, we had reputation management “consultants” and a travel blogger or two who tried to stuff the ballot box, and when we refused to play along, we didn’t exactly win any friends.)

The survey will remain open until Jan. 1, after which we’ll publish the results. Please keep an eye on my Twitter account, where I update the results from time to time.

Good luck — and may the best companies win.

By the way, if you think we forgot a company, please let me know.

  • Bill___A

    Would be nice to have the option to skip some questions. I don’t use “vacation rentals” so I don’t have a number 1 company, I get travel insurance through my credit card, I don’t go on cruise ships… to keep the answers realistic, not everyone is going to be able to answer each question.

  • Stephen0118

    I was able to complete the survey without answering some questions. Did it not allow you to skip those?

  • Stephen0118

    For the ground transportation, does SuperShuttle count? I use them when I visit my parents and I stay over a week.

  • PsyGuy

    It was a pretty heavy US survey. Would have loved to see options for cable like Hulu, Amazon, NetFlix etc.

  • greg watson

    I skipped 3 0r 4 myself ( I live in Canada) Would have voted for Netflix, Amazon

  • ctporter

    Was there an option for “least” favorite? I just saw my favorite options

  • Bill___A

    I guess I didn’t try that, thanks for mentioning it so others know.

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