The top 13 travel bloggers of 2013

Which travel bloggers are worth following in 2013?

After narrowing your nominations down to 26 finalists, I put it to a vote.

Here are the top 13 in alphabetical order:

Camels and Chocolate
Classe Tourist
Digital Nomad
The Flying Pinto
Go Big or Go Home
Go Visit Hawaii
Johnny Jet
My View From The Middle Seat
The Perrin Post
Solo Traveler
Wandering Earl

As usual, the polling wasn’t without a little drama. About a day before the poll closed, we had a suspicious surge of votes and there were multiple allegations of ballot-box stuffing. It led to the disqualification of one of the candidates, unfortunately.

All of these travel blogs are worthy of being bookmarked in 2013, and I hope you’ll read every one.

My sincerest congratulation to the top 13 vote-getters.

Christopher Elliott

Christopher Elliott is an author, journalist and consumer advocate. You can read more about him on his personal website or check out his adventures on his family adventure travel site. Contact him at

  • Icosnap Jam

    Yay! I love reading those blogs. Congratulations to everyone who won. My top three favorites are – Camels & Chocolate, Classe Touriste and Wandering Earl.

    All the best,

  • +1 for wondering Earl! – Legend in my opinion, great list, a few I’ve not heard of and will make sure I check them out.


  • We are really surprised and honored to be voted as one of the top 13 blogs in 2013! We’re a family into our 7th year of non-stop world travel and blogging on $23/day pp, so spend most of our time unplugged these days and we were in China when this took place.

    Thanks Chris, and the amazing folks who nominated and voted for us! Congrats to all the winners!

    I wrote about it here-

    Keep up your good work Chris and give those cute kids a hug from us!

  • karmicdream

    i would love to be included

  • Annie André

    Interesting list you’ve put together. I know a few but am surprised by the rest which i haven’t heard of.

  • Andre
  • if you want to Vietnam, you can read Aroundvn blog :) :)

  • Joe M

    I recently came across a few of these on . My vote would have been for Calsse Tourist. Pretty solid group though!

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks so much for including me on this list. It’s a real honor.

    I saw you speak in Florida three years ago and was inspired. Making this list counts more than any other.

    Kind regards,


  • Interesting list you’ve put together. I know a few but am surprised by the rest which i haven’t heard of. travel blog

  • Cameron Archibald

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  • Randy Watson

    I was cruising tumblr recently and came across an entertaining blog that caught my attention and might be worth a casual read for your readers that enjoy travel/adventure type of stuff. It is I have enjoyed the blogs on your top 13 list. Thank you!

  • Dick

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  • Siphiwe Manda

    all these blogs do the one thing I hate, there too busy, adds jumping out at you from everywhere so much clutter it immediately deters me from reading the probably really good content.

  • Koty Neelis

    I love Wandering Earl although I’m honestly a little surprised at these choices as most of them I’ve never heard of or when I go to their sites they’re not very attractive. Will definitely read them though.

  • I had read Solo Traveler and one thing I learn from Janice is that be brave enough to conquer what you ought to fear,being alone.Thanks for having this list.

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  • johnFord

    One thing I am curious about………what makes a travel blogger the BEST. I have yet in my 25 years of travel met one person that has traveled to as many places as I have. I even disbelieve the travel books such as Fodors or Lonely Planet. They say certain things about places that are just not true. Do these people actually visit these destinations, or do they just read about them online and come up with their own conclusion. I have been to all 7 continents and 109 countries to date, and the lack of knowledge I find of them before I visit is amazing. As for Janice, I have read through your blog here and there, I like what your mission was and still is. I started my journeys for the same reason I think, My wife passed in 2006 and I spent the next 3 years in 59 different countries. It was my own solo travel adventure. I learned a lot about myself and others on this journey. I must say, yours is one of the only blogs that I truly believe in and would ever read. Too many folks write blogs on their experience and this usually consists of a 3 month journey to Europe……Reallllllyyyy!!!!! Come on people, we need those who have gone and seen and done the things we only hear about, not the ones that pretend they have done it. Kudos to you Janice. Would love to speak to you further about your travels, will email you on your blog!

  • Hi Chris,

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  • Robert

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  • Roz

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  • Avi Lang

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  • Erik

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  • John devid

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  • Chris

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  • Sandy

    I love to read these blogs. Its so awesome. Congratulation to all of you who won.

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  • Camden

    My favorite on the list is Classe Tourist. I follow them on Bloglovin. I try to blog about my travels, but since I can’t travel constantly like the pros up there, I can only do this:
    =o) But thanks for introducing me to the others, especially Wandering Earl.

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  • Tom

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  • Elle
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  • Ayantika

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  • Nate

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  • Steve

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