Please nominate your favorite travel blogging personality

By | December 2nd, 2011

Who’s your favorite travel blogger?

After voting on the top 12 Twitter personalities of 2012, let’s turn our attention to the people whose long-form writing, photography and videos captivate us.

You know who they are. Here’s your chance to tell the world.

The rules are pretty simple: To qualify, you have to be a travel blogger, and you have to be a real person, not a garden ornament or someone with a nom de plume. Writing teams of two are OK, but any more is considered a group-written blog. You can nominate yourself if you want.

(Since I am not a travel blogger, I don’t qualify for this list.)

I’ll collect candidates next week and select the top 24 based on the number of nominations. Then I’ll put it to a vote. The top 12 will make my list of the 12 bloggers to follow in 2012.

You can follow the progress of the poll right here or on Twitter — I’m at @elliottdotorg. Feel free to nominate someone in the comments or by emailing me directly.

So who are the top bloggers?

I’m often referred to this list. The top five that qualify are:

1. Nomadic Matt
2. Everything Everywhere
3. Almost Fearless
4. Uncornered Market
5. Delicious Baby

Here’s another list that uses a different methodology. Again, I’ve weeded out the group-written blogs and those that don’t qualify for the voting:

1. Peter Greenberg
2. Nomadic Matt
3. Europe Up Close
4. Everything Everywhere
5. Wild Junket

Here’s another list that’s frequently cited. Again, I’ve listed the top five that qualify.

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1. Nomadic Matt
2. Everything Everywhere
3. Fluent in 3 Months
4. Everything Everywhere
5. Canada’s Adventure Couple

OK, that’s a lot to review! I’ll post the finalists next Friday and put it up to a vote. The top 12 bloggers to follow in 2012 list will be published on Dec. 16.

Good luck, everyone.

(Photo: sok ole oko/Flickr)

  • nlsdelaney

    The Everywherist!

  • I really like @BethBlair, @KaraSW and @JenniferMiner. Also Mara at @MotherofAllTrip is amazing, too.

  • Pam Mandel

    Everywhereist, redux. Hilarious, completely unfettered personality, and writes beautifully.

    Chris, defining what a top blogger is for you and/or this poll would be cool and make this more than a popularity contest. We all know that popular isn’t always best, I mean, have you turned on a television lately?

  • Sheila Beal of If you read her blog, you’ll know why she deserves to be on the list! :-)

  • @ShielaBeal:twitter 

  • Aloysius Carl

    @SheilaBeal (Sheila Beal) – great blog, great images

  • Where is Sheila Beal?? Shes the world’s expert on Hawaii vacations. I guess you just need to check out for yourself to see what I am talking about. She is unstoppable when it comes to blogging about those islands.

  • @shielabeal

  • Another vote for Sheila at Go Visit Hawaii!  Not only does she provide great information on the site, but her response to her readers’ comments is invaluable!

  • I nominate @SheilaBeal!

  • I love Benny’s stuff in Fluent in 3 Months. Another you should consider has already been mentioned here: Sheila Beal.

  • @sheilabeal has to be on the list or I call the list null and void! :-) She really is good …….

  • Meddlak

    How about a top commenter award on I’d nominate: Raven, Arizona Road Warrior, and Carver

  • Joy M.

    I love — I always consult this blog site before traveling to the Islands.  =)   Lots of great information!!

  • Toren

    Checkout Sheila Beal of Makes me wish I was in Hawaii even though I already live at the beach!

  • Sharon McAuliffe

    Ditto, ditto, ditto… Definitely @sheilabeal!

  • Kent

    I love Jack and Jill Adventures Hawaii (@jnj_adv_hawaii)!  Great blog for island and visiting parents!

  • Chris @CAroundTheWorld

    Pam Mandel and the Everywhereist should be on this list. Are you familiar with Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads or Matt Long of Landlopers? And don’t rule out inspirational types such as the NVRguys ( I love their pieces. 

  • Chris @CAroundTheWorld

    Oops, forgot Janice Waugh of Solo Traveler ( She’s done a great job of building resources for single travelers. 

  • Madonnalisa Chan is my go to site before i plan my vacations.  lots of great resources and even her followers have great tidbits in the comments.

  • Go BIG or Go Home

    I’m hoping to build on the momentum from getting a #FF shout-out from @AwayisHome today! I’m Traci from “Go BIG or Go Home,” a quirky family travel blog. I chronicle what happens when my small-town family visits the “world’s largest”…whatever! @GoBIG_GoHome.

  • jessica
    Travel blog from the perspective of the hotel worker.

  • EL

    Nomadic Matt for sure!! : )  


  • @karasw and @jenniferminer and @nerdseyeview and @everywhereist have been mentioned and are all amazing. So is 

  • Comment posted before I was done! I meant to add @travelsavvymom.

  • Michelle has inspired me to travel with my baby. I think she’s wonderful and does a great job supporting new moms.

  • Michael Streko

    My vote is going to Sheila Beal ( The amount of information that she has on it can easily make any first time visitor feel like a local.  From the time that you land until it’s time to head back to reality her blog can help you plan your vacation perfectly. 

  • Wjbecky

    Mother of All Trips – great for family travel but taking time for grown up only things as well

  • Ctarleton

    Love to nominate – Sheila Beal.  Smart blog, pleasure to read.

  • Tblanko

    Sheila Beal at

  • Fsantoianni

    GoBigorGoHome is hysterical AND informative

  • LegalNomads.

  • I’m a relatively new travel blogger and writer, working on honing my skills, so I spend a good deal of time trying to learn from the experts. I’m grateful for the inspiration from the following travel bloggers: Delicious Baby, Mother of All Trips, Hole In The Donut, Inside The Travel Lab, Legal Nomads, NY City Mama, Camels & Chocolate, Minnemom, Go Big or Go Home, and Travel with Teen and Tweens.

    And if the rules of this contest allowed it, I would put The Vacation Gals, Travel Mamas, and Wanderlust and Lipstick right at the top of this list!

  • Guest

    I nominate me, myself, and I.  I’ve always liked myself though, although lately I’ve been more partial to me.  O;-)

  • Sheila Beal of

  • Wankum

    I love Life Off Track at
    This is a true story about how Nellu and Molly Mazilu quit their jobs and took their savings on the trip of a lifetime.  They took the risk I think we all would love take. You can follow them around the world.  The writting is excellent and you get a good laugh.  The pictures are amazing.  You feel like you are going on the journey with them.

  • Area-Man

    Life off Track Nellu and Molly Mazilu. Nellu is wry, Moly is sweet and the two together are always pitch perfect. 

  • Nellu Mazilu

    Molly & Nellu Mazilu. their stories about visited places around the world are fascinating and educational.

  • Shella Beal!

    check out my travel blog, I’ve just opened it!;)

  • Richie

    Sheila Beal of – hands down.

  • My favorite is Kristin Luna of

  • S Smith

    Everything Everywhere!

  • I bet the Nomadic Matt :D  hes the man!!

  • ironduke74
  • John Mathew

    The amount of information that she has on it can quickly make any first-time guest experience like a regional.  From time that you area until it’s a chance to return to simple fact her site can help you strategy your trip completely.
    Volunteering in Uganda

  • Suman

    I am Everest Base Camp Trek specialist in Nepal. I got above sharing blogs are very helpful. Thank you so much for sharing.

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