I can’t believe you wrote that!

By | September 25th, 2013


I just wrapped up a review of my August emails — and wow, what an awesome collection of complaints!

To recap, one of my email addresses experienced a total meltdown, holding more than 10,000 messages in a queue since January. I explain everything in this post. And here’s a synopsis of the September emails.

It’s worth repeating that there are many ways of reaching me, including social media, my primary gmail address, elliottc@gmail.com, or phone.

I answer as promptly as possible — when the technology works.

Here’s what I uncovered:

• Lots and lots of unresolvable complaints. For example, one reader wanted to know why his airline had invalidated his entire airline ticket after he canceled just the outbound leg. And “it’s an industry practice” didn’t go over very well with him. Let’s just say I’ve had a lot of ‘splainin’ to do, Lucy.

• Emails from two well-known travel industry personalities, one asking me to a call “immediately.” Uh, oops. “I’m having email trouble” didn’t seem to do much to improve the situation. The other person was mildly amused that it took seven months for me to reply to a message. Oh well.

• Lots of hate mail from US Airways and American Airlines insiders, accusing me of sabotaging their merger. No, my friends, you’ve done this to yourselves.

• Random tirades from loyalty program nuts, airline apologists and other misguided readers who just wish I’d stop writing about their beloved industry. Sorry, no can do. And by the way, thanks for reading my site.

I’m extra curious to see what July’s messages will look like. Stay tuned for a full report.

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  • Bill___A

    You have 10,000 emails that get held up for ages. Your website must be one of the worst performing in the developed world. I enjoy reading your website and seeing the dialogue, but I simply cannot name a website that I know of which breaks more than yours. I’m quite surprised, really. I hope it gets fixed.

  • We face denial of service attacks on a daily basis from all over, and I’m sure there are a lot of folks who would like to see this site go away forever. My webmaster is working hard to make sure we’re running smoothly. Thank you for staying with me.

  • EdB

    What was the outcome of the discussion from awhile ago about a replacement to Disqus? It has gotten even worse for me since then. It only works with the Dolphin mobile browser and even then, it can be iffy.

  • emanon256

    Keep up the good work. I cracked up at your comment about the merger :) Its funny because its true.

  • Bill___A

    Yes, everyone gets those, some more than others. In any case, thank you for keeping the content up.

  • Bill___A

    EdB, I became curious and am posting this using Safari on my iPhone.

  • EdB

    Don’t have Safari on my phone. But it doesn’t work with Chrome any more. Even when it did, you had to load the page several times before Disqus would show.

    And what happened to being able to reply by email? That feature was nice in that it didn’t matter what browser you used.

  • We decided to stay with Disqus. But we’re monitoring the situation. By the way, here’s what the DOS attack looks like. This is the load on our server over the last few weeks. Note the spike.

  • Joanne Esler Firby

    There are “well-known travel industry personalities”?

  • emanon256

    All I can think of is Peter Greenberg. I’m curious who the others are too.

  • JewelEyed

    Disqus works just fine on my home computer and on my phone using either Android’s default browser or Firefox.

  • Joanne Esler Firby

    Maybe Rick Steves?

  • jim6555

    I’m using Disqus with Google Chrome and have never encountered a problem.

  • EdB

    I just tried it again and it came right up for once. That’s the first time it has in several months. Oh well.

    Still wish we had the reply by email option though.

  • EdB

    Spoke too soon. Right after that, it stopped working on Chrome and now it’s not working on Dolphin reliably.

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