Does Sandals owe me anything for deleting my wedding photos?

This is one of the strangest cases I’ve come across in my two decades of fielding consumer complaints. It involves a honeymooning couple’s missing wedding photos, me, and another me.

Rachel Patrick’s destination wedding at Sandals La Toc Golf Resort & Spa in St. Lucia was flawless, except for one little item: her wedding photos, which were taken by a hotel photographer, were missing in action.

She explains,

After a week passed, I called and spoke to the photo shop manager. She looked up my photos and told me they were still in the system and she would get them right out to us.

Approximately another week went by, and after still not receiving them I called again and was told the same thing: they were in the system and would be mailed to us shortly, and not to worry.

This happened a couple more times (I believe I called to ask about the photos 4 times total), and after 3 weeks the manager called to tell me they had not gotten them in time and they were permanently lost.

Patrick was heartbroken. It’s not as if you can re-do the wedding photos. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

She negotiated directly with the general manager, who offered the couple a three-night credit at any Sandals property within the next year. With a little prodding, he extended the credit to 15 months, but said he could go no further.

That wasn’t enough for Patrick, who thought the credit should be valid for two years and that Sandals should also offer an $800 airfare credit to offset the cost of transportation.

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So Patrick began posting her story to travel sites, which is where my editor at saw it. My editor suggested I get in touch with the photo-less bride to see if I could help.

And here’s where things turned a little odd. When I emailed Patrick to see if I could do anything — and this was long before I was privy to the details I just described — her response was curious.

“I believe that you were the person who contacted us on behalf of Sandals to try and compensate us for having lost the photos,” Patrick said.

Huh? I work for Sandals? In what parallel universe?

But then I reviewed her correspondence with Sandals, and it turns out there is another Christopher Elliott. He’s the hotel manager of Sandals La Toc Golf Resort & Spa.

I should say that once I had all the relevant facts, I thought Sandals’ offer was pretty decent. But since my editor had asked, and since Patrick had started taking her case public, I thought it would be prudent to check with Sandals. Sometimes, a small concession on the part of one of the parties can lead to a resolution.

So I emailed the other Christopher Elliott.

I’m your doppelgänger in the States, the consumer advocate. One of my readers asked me about a case you had been working on with her regarding her wedding photos (see correspondence, below).

I’m told that she won’t be able to take advantage of your offer, and I was wondering if she was out of luck.

To which he replied:

Thanks for your email. We are not able to extend the voucher past three months.

So that’s where things stand now. Did Sandals do enough for the Patricks? In their view, no. In my view, things could have turned out much worse. I’ve seen similar cases get dismissed outright, although you can’t really get away with deleting a guest’s wedding photos in a place like St. Lucia, which is filled with honeymooners. (I know; I was there last year.)

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If nothing else, theirs is a cautionary tale about wedding photos taken by a hotel. Make sure you get the disk before you fly home.

Update (noon): Sandals corporate responds:

We are aware of the issue surrounding the lost wedding photos and wanted to let you know that we are extending the offer already given to Rachel and her husband to three nights comp available to use within a year of the voucher, a renewal of vows ceremony and 20 complimentary pictures for them to remember the experience.

Christopher Elliott

Christopher Elliott is an author, journalist and consumer advocate. You can read more about him on his personal website or check out his adventures on his family adventure travel site. Contact him at Read more of Christopher's articles here.

  • I’m curious. Most ppl would be dying to see their wedding photos. I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t have seen them on-site. Did the service involve some post-processing? And why wouldn’t she have asked for the CD/DVD right then and there (even of the raw pics)? That would’ve taken 5 minutes to burn. I just can’t see them leaving the island without having something in their possession…

    That being said, did Sandal’s offer include a refund of the cost of the photographer in addition to the 3 nights? If so, I think that’s fair. The OP was remiss for not leaving the resort with the disc in hand. Sandals screwed up for not backing up their data. But asking for airfare on TOP of a free stay? That’s… OVER the top.

  • J

    I agree that asking for airfare is over the top. If their wedding package included pictures, then they should get a refund for a portion of the package. Even if the photographer was a vendor, if the hotel sold the package, they should offer a partial refund. I think the 3 nights was a generous offer, but they OP should get money back in lieu of extending the expiration.

  • finance_tony

    I don’t really like the asymmetric compensation.  If I lose your wedding pictures, why would I compensate you with three nights in a hotel?   I suppose if they dropped the cake, they’d offer a yoga class to help make up for it?

    In short, I think it might be ‘enough’ compensation, but in the wrong currency.  And the expiration is ridiculous.

  • $16635417

    I think today’s case answers yesterdays question. I’m not feeling the need to pursue today’s as I did yesterday’s. Can you put a price on something like wedding pictures? Apparently you can, a free stay with airfare. (But a downgraded ticket can be better calculated.)

    If this happened to me, the last thing I would want is a return trip. Sorry, not feeling it today. 

  • Raven_Altosk

    I realize wedding photos are important, so I haven’t voted either way yet. What I want to know is how much her package for the wedding cost and what part of the cost was the photos?

    Then, I’d say, refund IN CASH, the photographer’s fee and any pre-paid albums. Toss in the three nights as a good will gesture, but no airfare. That’s just a bit over the top, IMHO.

  • emanon256

    Comparing missing wedding photos to 3 free nights where you have to pay to get there is like comparing apples to oranges.  They are unrelated at best.  It’s like my car getting stolen, and the insurance company paying me in hotel vouchers that can only be used in another state.  In both cases, I would spend more money out of pocket to use the vouchers, and they have nothing to do with what went missing.
    If I were the OP I would find out what it costs to have a local photographer do a couples shoot locally, find a decent place to have the pictures taken, and add in the cost of re-renting a tux, assuming the groom wore won.  Then ask for Sandals to cover the costs of the re-shoot at home, in cold hard cash.  I realize it’s not the same as the beautiful beach pictures with all the guests, but at least they will get some wedding-like photos out of the deal.  After all Sandals was negligent in losing their photos, and this re-do close to home would not cause the OP to incur any additional expenses like the funny money Sandals offer, which will truly only benefit Sandals.  Either way, they can never re-create their original pictures for which I hope Sandals is ashamed.

  • Jeanne_in_NE

    It may actually be cheaper for Sandals to fly the couple back to St. Lucia than for a local photographer to re-create the pictures.  Packages around here run from $500 to $2000, depending on the amount of editing and time the photographer spends on the couple, before and after the actual wedding.

  • alxstevens

    I agree – another photo sitting is the most appropriate compensation.  There’s probably an argument that Sandals could have offered this DURING the compensation stay so that they’d have some comparable looking pictures, which they could make sure that they walked with.

    Also, if I were them I’d demand to talk to the photographer directly (not the Sandals photo department) and make sure there wasn’t a backup somewhere of the images.  As someone who works with wedding photographers a lot, it would be very poor workflow management for there to be only a single digital set of images, especially with so short an expiration/deletion life.

  • Chris_In_NC

    Did Sandals offer Patrick enough compensation?
    That depends…

    Did Patrick hire a professional photographer, or have a contract with a professional photographer to take photos of the wedding? Or was this one of those “perks” listed in the package?

    Why does that matter? In the world of photography, just about anyone can be a MWC (mom with camera) or just about anyone can claim to be a “professional photographer” because fancy cameras are now consumer priced. The problem is that you really get what you pay for.

    Although there is not enough information to confirm this as fact, but I suspect that the “professional” photographer that took the pictures of Patrick’s wedding is an employee of Sandals who’s sole job is to take photos of the events at Sandals. This is not an excuse that wedding photos should be deleted, but compensation to allow Patrick to “re-create” her photos using a professional stateside is also not fair compensation either.

    Rather than offering Patrick vouchers, they should have refunded the “photography portion” of the package IMMEDIATELY, then offered additional compensation (ie free meal, upgrade) as a gesture of goodwill. Anything more than this would not be reasonable.

    I agree that 3 nights with 15 months expiration is strange compensation, it is somewhat generous, as it is worth probably at least several hundred dollars.

    I realize that some of you will not agree with my stance, but I do not understand why people get bent out of shape about wedding photos. If it’s THAT important to you, would you trust these photos to a contract employee at a resort in lieu of a professional photographer?

    Here’s an article that will get your blood boiling (or give you a good laught):

  • Joe

    3 nights seems fair, you should always have multiple cameras, memory cards, and computers when taking pics at your wedding.  Having a single point of failure for electronics is a recipe for disaster.

  • Chris_In_NC

    I respectfully disagree

    The so called professional photographer at a Sandals resort is either an employee who takes photos all day with a fancy camera that takes a cut of the sales, or a contractor. Most likely they take the photos directly from the memory card and burn it on a disc or print out the photos on site. Never do they do any post-processing, editing, or print using quality inks or paper.

    This is not the same as hiring a professional photographer, who likely has better experience, spends the time composing shots, editing each individual photo and prints out as a package. The majority of time spent on a photo shoot is not the shoot itself, but processing and editing the photos. Most professionals use equipment that provides a backup system, or employ assistants as a backup photographer.

    Do you really think Sandals is ashamed? Its a photo mill, no different than those “photographers” at Disney that take your pictures then sell them to you at inflated prices? Was Sandals “negligent” in losing the photos? Yes. However, she is entitled to a refund of the photo package only, nothing more.

  • patseacruiser

    I think I probably would have wanted to see my pics right away too but who knows if they told them it took time for the editing, etc.  Now for what I think is probably even the best part.  In my experience with Sandals as a travel agent, the vouchers they give you actually 1. make you pay $25 per night for the voucher and 2. only give you an answer if you can have the nights you ask for within 30 days of travel so at that point air is usually ridiculous too. I do not think Sandals did enough at all.  They should have comped them a week at almost any location other than probably Emerald Bay or Whitehouse and paid something for air and should have refunded their photo package.  Hopefully they had some other people at their wedding who got some do-it-yourself photos they can work with.

  • MarkKelling

    I have a feeling that there never were any photos of the wedding.  Sure, there was someone there from the hotel taking pictures, but I believe there was a technical glitch and the memory cards used or the camera had an issue and the photos just weren’t there.  The hotel probably spent those weeks trying to extract what it could from the bad memory cards and failed so they finally told the OP the pictures (that never existed) had “expired” from their system.

    I can’t believe that the hotel’s photo processing system was so far behind that they could not do anything with the photos for nearly a month.  Did anyone else loose their wedding photos at this hotel?

    A better offer from the hotel would be to refund the portion of the wedding package that covered the photos in cash in addition to the free nights.

  • MikeInCtown

    Exactly. Pictures do not “Expire”. They are digital images and either aren’t there because they were erased and deleted or because the camera was broken. Also, hard drives for backup are so cheap these days, they could store photos for 5-10 years and only add a few dollars to the actual cost.

    Also, every wedding I have been to, there are always a few people taking photos along side the photographer. if nobody was doing that, shame on them. if there weren’t any people there, then just have a photog take new wedding photos… or better yet, take advantage of the three days and have the hotel take new pictures..

    But, as others mentioned, the hotel should have immediately credited the portion for the photog in cash as a refund, then gone above and beyond in compensation.

  • TouchyFeely

    Why not just go back and retake the photos?  You won’t have the guests but other people probably took some shots and those aren’t the ones you really want anyway.  Seems like an easy solution, and that’s she’s just greedy.

    I’m surprised I don’t see any comments about a wedding at Sandals.  You go low rent you get low rent.

  • I’m having a hard time with this one, I think.  I mean, the photos were there then they weren’t?

    I provide photos for all the articles I’ve written for magazines and I STILL have them from years ago.  I find it hard to believe the photographer didn’t keep backups anywhere.  If they didn’t, well then, bad photographer.  And, just what DOES “in the system” mean?

    In the heat of the moment, I’m sure the happy couple didn’t see the photos on site because they were brushed off by the photographer who probably didn’t bring his/her laptop with them to the shoot with a, “I need to upload them to ______ and you can see them later” so I can excuse them not looking at them then.

    Something is odd about this, to be sure, that the photos would just be lost?  And to offer them Monopoly money in lieu of photos?

  • travelgal2011

    I was married a few months ago, and if my wedding pictures has been lost, I would have been heartbroken. 

    The OP was likely sold a wedding package that included the photos.  There is probably some text in that contract about the timing of the photographs being delivered to them – so waiting a week to ask about them doesn’t seem that odd to me.

    A wedding is a big day, and a destination wedding is something that most can only dream about.   Sandals has an obligation to make sure they get it right – and if they don’t, then they need to MAKE it right.   3 nights at their resort – for which the couple has to pay to get to – doesn’t hit the mark in my book.

    Sandals should have been falling all over themselves to 1) refund at least the portion of the package that covered the photographs,  2) fly the couple back to the resort (or another of their choosing) 3) put them up for free for at least the length of their previous stay and 4) have recreated the wedding for them – with photographs.

    The other alternative would have been to refund their package – not just the photography part, but the entire package – as an apology for losing something so irreplaceable. 

    Either option would have been less costly to Sandals than all this negative press is.   Afterall, if you were a bride considering a destination wedding package there, wouldn’t you have serious doubts about booking it now?

  • travelgal2011

    Maybe they can’t afford to “just go back” so they can be retaken.  Airfare isn’t cheap these days. 

    I think Sandals giving them the “funny money” voucher after losing their wedding photos is greedy.  Sandals probably knows that the likelyhood of them actually using that voucher is pretty low, so they get off pretty much free in this one.

  • > I’m your doppelgänger in the States, the consumer advocate. 

    Best. Opening line. EVAR.

  • MarkKelling

    Even though memory cards for cameras are relatively inexpensive these days, the hotel photographer may reuse them after unloading them into whatever “system” they have.  They could have been dropped into the ready to use pile by mistake and then overwritten.  Or as I mentioned earlier, the cards or camera may have malfunctioned and no pictures ever existed.

  • MarkKelling

    Maybe this was the best they could afford.  Maybe they had sentamental reasons for going there.  Who knows?  Doesn’t really matter.

    Nothing excuses the hotel for not providing what was promised and paid for.

  • ClareClare

    One thing really smells here: the fact that initially when the OP called, “the photo shop manager… looked up my photos and told me they were still in the system and she would get them right out to us.”  If the photos were really gone, or had never existed in the first place, why would the manager ever say this?  Much less repeat essentially the same thing during several subsequent phone calls?!

    I bring it up because it sounds to me like the photos either were lost from the get-go, or through some tech-glitch had never been taken at all–and so the Sandals-folks were deliberately making something up in order to get the blushing-bride off the phone.  Just keep stringing her along… and let’s hope that eventually she’ll give up and go away, you know? 

    If so, to my mind that would be much worse than the original mistake itself.  If you’ve botched your job, at least MAN UP and admit it!

    Am I the only one who read the post in this way? 

  • Rebecca

    This is why I got married at the San Diego courthouse, which has a beautiful outdoor courtyard complete with gorgeous landscaping and flowers and is right on the ocean. If you make an appointment in advance they will marry you outside in a wonderful area they have set up for it. All for $100, which includes the license fees. My wedding pictures (taken by friends and family) seriously look like I spent thousands of dollars on some fancy destination.

  • Miami510

    Note to the wedding couple:  You’re just starting out… get a handle on life: bad things happen and some things like wedding photos can never be re-created.  All the suggestions about renting tuxedos and re-taking photos will leave you with remembrances of the loss, rather than the wedding.  How much is this worth?  Anything from zero to millions…. depending on sentimentality, which lawyer you hire, and the jury.  Look at all the different opinions on this page.
    Note on Sandals:  The bad publicity is something they tried to avoid.  Faced with an impossible solution, I thought they were gracious in offering the free days.  Avarice-minded people will always want more:  three days… no, how about five.  Good for three months?  How about a year?  Retake the photos?  How about flying the entire wedding party back, recreating the wedding, take new photos, pay for everyone’s air-fare, and how about including the moon, and a fund for the children-to-come because they will never be able to see photos of their parent’s wedding.   

    Think about our court’s compensation for death.  They give monetary compensation, because society can think of nothing else. 

    Side note:  The divorce statistics in the United States is 50%.  So there’s a 50/50 chance the disappointment won’t go on forever.   


  • I think the offer was fair, but they could have extended the expiration ate.  Airfare is over the top.  But in the end there is nothing the hotel can do to make up for losing the photos, there is just nothing comperable, that makes it hard to determine what is fair.

  • DotWonder

    i haven’t looked at my wedding photos in years, and don’t think i could located them in my house….no one cares after a while, just take some more on another vacation. 

  • emanon256

    WOW, good to know about Sandals photographers.  And sad, I would have expected their photographers to actually be professional photographers.  They advertise as if they are a top tear resort, though I have never stayed at one, and after reading many of Chris’s columns, never will.
    I do see the refund differently; I think they are entitled to more than just a refund of the cost of the photo package, but I am not a lawyer.  I see it as they paid $XXX to have pictures take at their wedding.  To contract was money, exchanged for pictures at a specific event.  They will never have pictures of their wedding now, and there really is no price to put on that.  So I think there needs to be some creative way to still enforce the contract and get something of value in return.  I liked my idea, I thought it was reasonable so long as the pictures are on par with what they would have gotten form Sandals.  If it were my wedding, I would be satisfied with that and don’t think it’s asking too much.  But then again, my photographer didn’t lose our pictures.
    The story you posted below had me laughing, and feeling a little sad for our society as a whole.  That is asking too much.

  • john4868

    After the noon update, I think the offer is fair. The couple is basically getting a “do-over.” The original photos are gone. They can’t be recovered so this is the closest thing available. 

  • travelgal2011

    I suppose – IF they can afford to make that trip again.  However they still have to be able to afford to fly there – and that’s likely going to run them $400 – $500 per airline ticket.  If they can’t afford the plane tickets (and afford the time off of work as well) they will get nothing in the way of reimbursement for Sandals losing those irreplaceable photos.

    I still don’t think that any “compensation” that requires the customer to spend MORE money in order to receive that compensation can really be called “compensation”.

  • Pdoggs

    That’s not really fair though.  Will she look at them or show them to people in 20 years?  10?  5?  Probably not but she’s a new bride, she wants her wedding photos.  They are VERY meaningful to her right now and likely will be for the near future. 

  • Pdoggs

    Even with the update I’m not sure Sandals offered enough.  I understand that perhaps the wedding photographer wasn’t the best wedding photographer out there and that in 10 years not having wedding photos won’t be a big deal (my own parents never had any).  But these photos ARE a big deal to many brides and their families.  As one friend’s sister said in her toast at his wedding, “take the time to appreciate that all these people are here for you.  You will likely never get all these people in one place at the same time again.”  Let’s be real, even with a sky high divorce rate weddings are still a REALLY BIG deal for couples. 

    A vow renewal, while nice, won’t have all these friends and family members in the pictures.  It won’t be the same by any stretch even if they re-do the dress, the hair, the flowers, etc, etc, etc. 

    With a recent wedding the couple may not have the money to fly back.  For all we know she could be pregnant already and hesitant to go anywhere.   

  • SooZeeQ

    I checked to see if Sandals was affiliated with any hotel chain closer or in the U.S. and could not find a connection, because if it were me, I would not have warm feelings about returning to the scene of the crime or pay for the air fare.

    I ‘might’ settle for a cash payout to hire a photographer locally and start over the best that I possibly could in getting a new set of photos, either at a beach nearby (we do not know where they live) or a fabulous hotel in the area with tropical settings.

    I agree with another poster ~ I would have been chomping at the bit to see the photos and get them in my grubby little hands.

    When I see my family, I fly home, and the first thing I do is get those pics to the computer, then edit and get on a CD within a week. 

  • lorcha

    Well, I was married over 10 years ago, and I’m not sure I’ve looked at my wedding photos after year 1. Just to put it in a bit of perspective.

    I liked someone else’s suggestion, though: that Sandals pay for a small photo sitting in Patrick’s location. Then, they could have some photos to remember the occasion and a funny story to tell their grandchildren.

    Also, in this day and age, many people have prosumer level camera equipment. They should send off a quick email to their guests and explain the situation and request that they forward their favorite pictures to them.

  • lorcha

    Yes, they were probably not in the system. The manager probably said that they were so as not to freak the bride out while he asked the photographer to look for them. 

  • dsliesse

    I voted No for one simple reason: the offer is in vouchers, which in my mind are never adequate compensation.

    The cynic in me agrees with the “you get what you pay for crowd.”  I have never stayed at a resort, nor do I ever intend to — you can be sure everything that’s not included in the “all inclusive” rate is grossly overpriced and grossly “under-qualitied.”

    As far as the importance of the photos goes, that truly is an individual value.  As a professional genealogist, though, I can say that those photos would have been important to someone in a future generation.  People are curious about their ancestors, and it’s absolutely true that a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Sadie_Cee

    Your response beat me to it.  I was about to write along the same lines before I read your reply. 
    IMHO there were NEVER any photos of the wedding.  A photog with camera may have been in attendance and may have been busily photographing, but no photos found their way to memory.  If the photos taken were recorded, if deleted, a technician would have been able to retrieve them with little difficulty.  Besides, an experienced and knowledgeable photog would have been making checks periodically during the event to ensure that retrievable images existed.  Sandals stalled for time before being forced to admit that they were permanently lost.   
    The couple has my sympathies.  Unfortunately, short of restaging the entire wedding, nothing can ever compensate the couple adequately.  Sandals’s offer that includes the renewal of vows ceremony and the photos (why only 20?), I suppose, is the best that will get.    
    At the first wedding of one of my sons several years ago, an uncle of the bride insisted that he could do a professional job of photographing the entire wedding and would do it for free.  The couple went along with this.  In the end, he was not able to present them with even one photo of the marriage ceremony or the reception.  Fortunately, several of the guests had photos and videos that they had taken.  At his second wedding two years ago, my son took no chances.  He hired a professional photographer and three assistant photographers (four cameras recording the same event from different angles) and the pictures are amazing.
    Lesson learned – for these once-in-a-lifetime events, it is essential to have backup.   

  • scapel

    I would assume these were digital photos and the couple should have had a cd with them when they left. Prints could come later. Not sure how they did their arrangements or if Sandals did the arrangements for the photos. Is this a Sandals wedding package that includes photos? I think Sandals offered enough comp.

  • sffilk

    The new offer Sandals is making is good, but the problem is that unless the people who were in the original wedding party are able to be there for the “renewal of vows” ceremony, Sandals can safely say it ruined the wedding memories for this couple.  A “renewal of vows” is not the same as a wedding.

  • TouchyFeely

     Sandals isn’t cheap when you get all done.  I’ll bet they’ll be one another vacation, and if they only had to pay airfare that would be a cheap vacation.  I’m pretty certain if they were destitute they wouldn’t have gotten married on a destination wedding.  Poor people just don’t so that.

  • Joe_D_Messina

    It was a destination wedding. You don’t just “go back” and retake the pictures. Even if you were rolling in dough, what are the odds you could get your family and friends back there again?  Sure, they could have other pictures done either back there are someplace else (they could do a cool studio setting right where they live, for example) but that’s not the same as having the photos of the actual event that they’d paid for.

  • Joe_D_Messina

    Or the card could have gotten lost or damaged or maybe the hotel or photography company had a falling out with this photographer and he took the card when he quit. It’s not all that hard to lose electronic photos. If you’re careful it probably won’t ever happen to you–but people aren’t always careful.

  • Joe_D_Messina

    Depends on how they do business. CDs are on the way out and many places have you view the pics online and make your selections there. That allows them to protect access to the high res versions that you’ll need to make prints and all the friends and family no matter where they live can easily view the pics and order that way. Somebody above mentioned the glorified snapshots that Disney sells at their parks and this is how they work. And most professional photographers are now using a similar process, at least here in the States.

  • andi330

    I’m sorry, but I’m a little surprised that you thought a “funny money” voucher was a decent offer in this situation. She will never get her wedding photos back. I don’t think that the updated offer (with a voucher that doesn’t last as long as the previous offer) is good enough either. Anything that requires the customer to pay out of their own pocket (which a voucher without included airfare does) is not good enough.

    It’s extremely unlikely that they will be able to get all the people at the wedding to spend money on travel and rooms for a renewal ceremony. If I were the OP I would be taking Sandals to small claims court to sue for the portion of the contract back that covered the photography portion.

  • AnthonyDE

    Please note that the guest was not charged for the photos and the photo shoot itself is complaimentary as this is part of the Luxury Included package.

  • C’mon Anthony. By complimentary, you mean the cost of the photos wasn’t itemized. But it definitely has a cost which Sandals is passing on to the consumer. They are definitely owed something more than what Sandals has offered them.

  • In fairness to Anthony, alot of people don’t get that when a business advertises something as free, that simply means that the goods and services are simply not itemized seperately.

    That’s the entire canard about checked baggage.  No airline gives free checked bags.  Its either rolled into the price of the ticket or charged seperately.

  • I think the wedding is very important!

  • Patria Rowe

     I am getting married at Sandals Grande Riviera this July and Just finished speaking with my wedding consultant there. The Sandals picture packages are EXPENSIVE. Their luxury photography package STARTS at $2,000 JUST for the package! The smaller package starts at about $1300! So…that being said…I don’t think it was too much of them to ask for airfare. If they paid $2000 for the photo package, and the pics were lost, that’s a lot of money and a lot of time spent on taking pictures alone. Plus you can set up your photo package at Sandals so some of the pictures are taken during the wedding and the rest are taken during the honeymoon part… So they probably spent a good portion of their vacation posing for those photos, dressing, coordinating outfits and whatever it takes to have a $2,000 Sandals photography package turn out how you want it. 3 days offered by sandals is excellent compensation to cover time loss, but some sort of airfare credit should have been included. You get an airfare credit JUST for booking! And Sandals thrives on repeat business. One happy couple could end up being generations of business for them year after year. Fly them in for the 3 nights complimentary stay, and Sandals still benefits from any extra money they will spend there.

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