Another grateful consumer who actually helped herself

By | May 19th, 2017

Our organization employs many writers, editors and production people. We are volunteers, thus we do not receive money for our work. We do, however, get paid in another kind of currency — the satisfaction of knowing we’ve helped fellow consumers.

We love, for instance, hearing from readers like Maria Garriz, who was kind enough to contact us about the resolution of her dispute with Qatar Airways regarding missing airline miles.

“I wrote you asking for help with regards to what felt like a futile back and forth with Qatar Airways and their refusal to delve deeper into a simple request I’d made,” Garriz told us. “I received their stock email replies for weeks and felt like I was being jerked around and getting nowhere.”

And that’s when Garriz contacted us through our website’s help form, which asks the consumer to describe the problem and asks for a desired resolution.

“I emailed you as a last resort and decided that, in the grand scheme of things, if I were to lose said miles it wouldn’t be the end of the world,” Garriz said. “But I was hoping your influence might tip the scales in my favor.”

We normally don’t personally advocate missing miles cases, but we were happy to suggest to Garriz that she reach out to executives at Qatar Airways. We list the contact information for Qatar Airways and other travel and consumer companies here on our website. We suggested writing an unemotional, polite letter extensively describing the problem at hand. Often, our readers get positive results.

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This process worked very well for Garriz, who didn’t have to wait long for Qatar Airways to respond to her inquiry.

“Imagine my complete surprise when I checked my email today and found not one, but three emails from Qatar Airways Privilege Club,” she said. “One email stated that the missing flights in question had been credited to my account, and the other two let me know that I had ‘achieved’ Silver status in their Privilege Club.

“I know my numerous emails to them could not have produced said results, which can only mean you (and your staff) had to have been behind their change of heart. So THANK YOU very, very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to help out an exasperated (and royally ticked-off) consumer.”

We appreciate your sentiments, Maria, but we want to thank you.

  • greg watson

    Excellent ! I had a few issues with Alaska Airlines, one of them being the value of their mileage plan miles, for an international flight. As you suggest, I wrote very polite emails up the executive ladder & although it took 6-7 weeks, I found someone who wanted to speak to me by phone. After our discussion, I received an email & my issues were resolved. Because our flight was booked well in advance, & a refund was a little too complicated (other airline & miles was involved), I was sent a check ( yes, a real check ! ) for $600. In 10 years of travel, with Alaska Air, I have been quite pleased with their service.

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