12 travel Twitter personalities you should follow in 2012

Two airline-related microbloggers, @Heather Poole and @Airfarewatchdog, lead the pack of your 12 favorite Twitter accounts for 2012.

After sifting through your nominations and putting it up to a vote, the results are in. We had a total of 5,789 votes, which is pretty decent for a holiday week.

Thanks to all of you for participation. Here are the top 12 Twitter personalities to follow in 2012, in the order of votes received.

1. @Heather_Poole (Heather Poole)
2. @airfarewatchdog (George Hobica)
3. @PeterSGreenberg (Peter Greenberg)
4. @Adventuregirl (Stefanie Michaels)
5. @wendyperrin (Wendy Perrin)
6. @CAroundTheWorld (Chris Gray Faust)
7. @johnnyjet (Johnny Jet)
8. @TodayInTheSky (Ben Mutzabaugh)
9. @dreamofitaly (Kathy McCabe)
10. @earthXplorer (JD Andrews)
11. @nerdseyeview (Pam Mandel) (tie)
11. @Velvetescape (Keith Jenkins)
12. @EliteTravelGal (Stacy Small)

Congratulations to everyone who made the cut.

Several of you have asked: why go through the trouble of putting together this list?

Because I’m curious. I want to know who the major influencers are in the travel industry. There are so many travel-related Twitter accounts out there, and it’s hard to know who to pay attention to.

These are 12 “must-follow” accounts for 2012. But there are many other great Twitter users out there, to be sure.

Next week, I’ll start the nominating process for your favorite blog of 2012. You can get a jump on the nominations by sending me an email for your favorite blog.

(Photo: d Barefoot/Flickr)

Christopher Elliott

Christopher Elliott is an author, journalist and consumer advocate. You can read more about him on his personal website or check out his adventures on his family adventure travel site. Contact him at chris@elliott.org.

  • flutiefan

    i have followed Heather Poole for awhile, and enjoy her posts.

    for a little more bawdiness from a flight attendant’s POV, i recommend The Sassy Stew, also (@sassystewrants:twitter i believe). she is sometimes NSFW, though, so be careful! i will be nominating her blog, as well :)

  • flutiefan

    oh and i also enjoy Bobby Laurie, who writes @upupandagay:twitter !

  • Johnny Jet

    Nice! Thanks to everyone who voted for me

  • HappyHotelier

    Good choice Christopher!

  • Nice list. I read content from some of these guys everyday. 

  • Nice list we’ll be sharing it with all our folks.

  • Pam Mandel

    It’s nice to be included on your list, of course, though I noticed that there weren’t many voters. I think there are some key people missing that would have swept me right out of the rankings, but that would be my list, not yours. I’m curious as to what people find valuable and/or entertaining on from Twitter posters. I’m more interested in the why than the who.

    Anyway, thanks for the recognition. I’m a huge fan of the snappy remark and Twitter is one of the few mediums that rewards pithiness.

  • JD, Keith and Wendy are already on my list now I have to add a few more

  • Heather Poole

    Seriously flattered! (And a little embarrassed.)  Thank you is in order for those who voted for me! (I still can’t believe so many of you did!) And thank you, Mr Elliott, for putting the pressure on – tweetwise that is. Because now I’m afraid to tweet! 

  • EarthXplorer

    Thanks so much, honored to be among some great travel Friends! 

  • Elitetravelgal

    Thanks to all who nominated and voted for me!

  • Congrats to all!

  • Thomas Figg-Hoblyn

    Great posts keep upthe good work, you can find my blogs at bescover.com blogs

  • Guest

    Travel Twitter prfiles? They are all new to me! Thanks.

  • Twitter profiles? They are all new to me!

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