10 travel blogs you should bookmark in 2010

Which 10 blogs should you bookmark next year?

To answer that question, I consulted my feed reader to find out which travel sites I visit the most often. In the past, I’ve pulled the list out of thin air, but a little methodology never hurts, right?

By the way, I wrote this post before the circus with the Department of Homeland Security started. It’s nice to know that some of these bloggers also read my site.

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Here they are:

1. Gadling

This is a terrific general interest travel blog that I’ve written for in the past. Their contributors offer just the right combination of travel news and destination feature — plus, they have a great sense of humor.

2. Rick Seaney

Rick’s the go-to guy for airfare information. He also writes about important airline news that affects consumers, which is probably why I find myself reading it so often.

3. Tnooz

Since its launch earlier this year, this site has become a must-read for online travel news. I’m a fan.

4. Today in the Sky

I really like the way Ben Mutzabaugh organizes the day’s aviation news. No wonder it’s one of the most popular blogs on the USA Today site.

5. Sky Talk

Texas is a hotbed of airline news, and the Star Telegram blog covers it well. I was surprised by how many times I clicked on its blog. Surprised in a good way.

6. Online travel review

Travel analyst and insider Jared Blank does a bang-up job covering aviation and online travel news.

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7. Upgrade: Travel Better

This has always been one of my favorite travel blogs. Mark Ashley covers business travel, including loyalty programs, hotels and airlines. Also, he’s a lot of fun to read.

8. Chris Around The World

Chris Gray Faust, the former travel editor of USA Today, has a completely unique perspective on travel — first as the editor of one of the best travel sections in the country, and now as a blogger. I read every post.

9. The Practical Nomad

Edward Hasbrouck will forget more about the inner workings of the federal government and privacy issues than I’ll ever know. He doesn’t post often, but when he does, he’s a must-read.

10. The Middle Seat Terminal

What can I say? Who doesn’t follow Scott McCartney’s work in the Journal?

If you’re going to bookmark 10 blogs for next year, these are the ones my feed reader recommends. Happy New Year!

(Photo: Darrren Hester/Flickr Creative Commons)

Christopher Elliott

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