10 best and worst airports for on-time departures

Take a bow, Chicago. Always-congested O’Hare was the worst major U.S. airport for on-time departures in 2007, according to recently released numbers from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

You’ll never guess the nine  runners-up. (Then again, maybe you will.) There’s another Chicago airport and New York’s three airports made the list, too.

Here’s the complete list. On-time departure percentages are in brackets:

1. Chicago O’Hare (68.15)
2. Newark (68.40)
3. New York JFK (69.06)
4. Philadelphia (69.62)
5. Dallas/Ft.Worth (71.57)
6. Charlotte (71.66)
7. Atlanta (72.19)
8. New York La Guardia (72.29)
9. Miami (73.70)
10. Chicago Midway (74.09)

How about the 10 best airports? That’s a lot harder to guess.

1. Honolulu (93.08)
2. Spokane, Wash. (86.34)
3. Long Beach, Calif. (85.16)
4. Tucson, Ariz. (85.15)
5. Fresno, Calif. (85.03)
6. Salt Lake City (84.94)
7. Portland, Ore. (84.40)
8. San Jose, Calif. (84.09)
9. Reno, Nev. (83.42)
10. Ontario/San Bernardino, Calif. (83.36)

Christopher Elliott

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