We canceled the cruise — will Allianz keep our insurance payment?

Mara Bronstone and her husband were forced to cancel an upcoming cruise because of her husband’s serious health condition. Based on advice from our website, they always purchase travel insurance and recently changed their provider to Allianz. The cruise line refunds the entire cost of the cruise because the cancellation was within the cancellation period. Can we help her also get reimbursement for the travel insurance?

Can Interval International punish me for hurricane switch?

Talk about a bad trade.

Terri Williams swapped her Interval International timeshare credits for a resort in St. Thomas during hurricane season without purchasing trip insurance. Unfortunately, Hurricane Irma inflicted substantial damage to St. Thomas and the resort she traded for will be closed a while, forcing her to cancel her vacation.

When a flight delay results in an involuntary downgrade, is a refund due?

Kavita Burra’s mother purchases round-trip business class tickets from India to the U.S. but a misses a connecting flight from the U.S. to India. This causes her to be rebooked in an economy seat. Can we help Burra receive reimbursement for the difference in fare?

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