American Airlines reopened the plane’s door for us — then kicked us off!

Kathleen Mastergeorge says that she and her husband were “harassed” and “bullied” off their American Airlines flight by the lead flight attendant. She wants compensation for the cost of the flight. But we’re not going to help her get it.

I didn’t damage my VRBO rental. Why can they keep my security deposit?

Julie Mandel checked out of her VRBO rental home, believing all was well. She and her family had followed the owner’s rules and left no damage. But when she arrived home, the property manager refused to return her security deposit.

They ran out of rental cars — why won’t Hotwire do the right thing?

Francisco Hernandez Mayagoitia was frustrated. Hotwire had sent him confirmation that a rental car would be available at the Thrifty facility at the airport in Montgomery, Alabama, when he went to pick it up. But when he arrived at the counter, Thrifty’s agent told him that the facility ran out of rental cars prior to his arrival.

Want a Spirit Airlines voucher extension? Just use our executive contacts

Annette Campos and her fiancé received an unwanted Christmas present from Spirit Airlines in exchange for their airline seats. Spirit gave them six vouchers for future flights, which they couldn’t use. Campos used our Spirit executive contacts to write a letter to the airline to ask for an extension of the voucher deadlines, which the airline agreed to.

An American Airlines flight without a restroom. Is this legal?

Judy Freedman was waiting in Chicago O’Hare Airport to board her American Airlines flight to Cleveland. Then the flight crew made a troubling announcement. The aircraft didn’t have a working restroom. And American Airlines wasn’t going to do anything about it — because it didn’t have to. The flight wasn’t required to have a restroom.

You’ll never do business with them again? We’ll see

So you’ll never do business with them again?

We see it all the time: “I’ll never fly that airline.” “I’ll never rent cars from that agency.” “This is why I never book a travel reservation through that company.” “I never stay at a hotel in that chain.” Many of our stories and forum threads contain some variation of “I’ll never do business with” some company.

OK, that’s certainly your choice. But here’s why you should keep it to yourself.

No, OneTravel, I don’t want to pay to print out my itinerary

OneTravel should have provided Ryan James with the right login for Ryanair’s website. Instead, James is forced to call OneTravel multiple times to print his boarding pass and prepay luggage fees — while in a foreign country. James asks our advocates for help. Will we be able to send James on his way?

Austrian Airlines gave me an empty gift card for my trouble

Gift card trouble — specifically, Austrian Airlines gift card trouble — seems to be a little problem these days. Brian Marita is the second passenger to contact us recently about the airline’s nonworking plastic.

After bumping passengers and delaying flights, Austrian Airlines is issuing EU 261 compensation in the form of gift cards. And the airline is proving to be just as unresponsive as retailers Amazon and Target when those gift cards don’t work as intended.

Will Trip Mate ever pay my claim?

Nancy Kridel-Clapp and her husband leave their cruise early when Hurricane Irma passes near their home. When they file claims on their Trip Mate Travel Protection Plan, the company acknowledges that the claims are valid but doesn’t pay them. Kridel-Clapp wants to know: “Will Trip Mate ever pay my claims? And if not, why?”

Here’s how to get an airline to pay your EU 261 claim

When British Airways canceled Lawrence Karp’s recent flight from London to Philadelphia, the airline rebooked him and the other three people in his party on a flight to Newark, N.J. But it denied his EU 261 claim, the European air travel protection law.

Why? According to British Airways, a cabin crew strike caused the flight cancellation. And it contends this strike relieves the airline of paying the EU 261 claim.

Canceled flights, but no refund? What’s going on, Volaris?

Osvaldo Gratacos and his fiancée planned a trip to Mexico for their wedding for themselves and his family members in Puerto Rico. But when Hurricane Irma passed over Puerto Rico, Volaris canceled Gratacos’ relatives’ flight two days before their scheduled departure, forcing Gratacos to cancel their air and hotel reservations. He would like a credit for future travel from the companies involved. But until our advocates became involved in his case, all he received was silence.

Will Air Canada ever finish “reviewing” this lost baggage claim?

A piece of Zahid Mohammad’s baggage went missing on an Air Canada flight. Five months later, Air Canada still hasn’t found it — and its claims department is still “reviewing” his case. Nobody at Air Canada will tell Mohammad when or if the airline will resolve his claim. Can our advocates persuade Air Canada to return Mohammad’s missing baggage or compensate him in accordance with the Montreal Convention?

Our Celebrity cruise sailed without us — 3 hours early!

Donna Klemond’s Celebrity Cruises ship departs three hours early – just as she arrives at the port of embarkation. Neither Celebrity, her travel insurance company nor her travel agent will help compensate her for the cost of the cruise. Can our advocates get them to weigh anchor on issuing her a refund?

Here’s why booking connections on separate itineraries is a bad idea

Dov Hook wants a refund for change fees charged by American Airlines for a connection he didn’t make. But our advocates are not inclined to assist him because his situation is the result of his own errors.

Hook’s case is a warning to air travelers to avoid booking connecting flights on separate itineraries and to check in by the time indicated on one’s air ticket. And when traveling with small children or anyone with mobility issues, as Hook was, you need to allow yourself additional advance time to check in and make connections. Otherwise, as Hook discovered the hard way, you might be staying on the ground and on the hook for some hefty change fees.

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